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Words by Migdol

On Thursday, September 2, Hurricane Earl was picking a fight with the whole eastern seaboard. Homie was sticking his chest out. He got right up into North Carolina’s face, all wild eyed and crazed, he taunted, “What’s up?” He’d shoved the outer banks, “COME ON! LETS GO! YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!” He took a swing with his left hook and grazed the Outer Banks right above the ear. Earl was on a tirade; he turned around and decided to focus his aggression to the North. Earl went and started in with the Jersey Shore. “What the ___ are you looking at?” “Come ON you want to GO?”
The thing is, if you’re going to start mouthing off to the Jersey Shore you better be ready to back your words up. New Jersey was like, “OH Hell NO” and got right back in Earl’s face. That’s when Earl decided he best not mess with Jersey so he spun around and ran back out to sea. You See, right when Earl was about to pounce on Jersey it dawned on him that certain relatives of the state could be connected to certain people who may or may not be able to make ones friends and family disappear. So Earl ran off to mess with a much easier victim, New England. If Jersey weren’t such a badass state, Earl could have put a serious hamper on the Grand Opening of CCS’ newest store in the Woodbridge Center on September 4th. It turns out it couldn’t have been a more perfect day. See for yourself.
Category 5 Hurricane or not, these heads were not going to be stopped. The early
birds got the worms.

Early morning packed house. Mike, the dude at the register is clearly feeling the
pressure. Like all great athletes he came through in the clutch.
These two locals showed up and came up on some serious 50-dollar gift card action.

This family came well prepared, all decked out in CCS gear. I’m pretty sure Jr. won
a 50-dollar shopping spree. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer family.
DJ Alexander Pareja. Of all the grand openings, Alex has been one of my favorite
DJ’s. He was masterfully mixing up everything from 80’s Hip Hop to Minor Threat.

This dude drove over an hour to get to the Woodbridge store for the grand opening.
That’s commitment. A display of that much enthusiasm, dedication, and loyalty to
the CCS brand nearly brings tears to my eyes.

New Jersey’s favorite son and the man behind the CCS brand, Mark Nardelli made
an appearance.

The dude on the right came up on an Expedition deck in the raffle. We do not play
games, this is serious business; people get hooked up hard at our grand opening

Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction,
pleasure, and joy. CCS events are all about serving huge steaming piles of happiness.

If only I could go back in time and become an orphan. I would show up at this
family’s house, plop myself right at their front door and not leave until they adopted me.
Dad, my new brothers, and I would have so much fun. We would build a mini-ramp
in the backyard while mom and little sis bake us cookies. And when I scrape my knee,
mom would hold my head tightly and tell me everything is going to be okay.
This kid won a 50-dollar gift card and bought himself a new Plan B-Shecks board. I’m
sure he’ll have tre-flips before the first snowfall.
After the Woodbridge NJ, Grand Opening event I went up to NYC and looked at some art.
I would have totally bought this Rafal Olbinski painting if I had an extra $3000.00.

Thank you New Jersey for standing up to that thug Earl and sending him on his way with his tail between his legs, and a big thanks are in order for all the brands who gave the good people of New Jersey so much flow product namely, Expedition, DVS, Zoo York, Mystery, and Zero. Stay tuned for a CCS opening near you.

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