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Yes it is true, I am grown man, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get all giddy and excited like a little school girl about new skateboard graphics. Emotionally I’m like a 13-year-old girl right now because it’s come to my attention that has, in it’s possession, the new Girl Crail Cloud Series.

The Girl Crail Cloud series feature the graphics of one the hardest hitting team in all of skateboarding. The entire pro squad is represented. As usual Girl never fails to produce the goods. Girl decks seem to have more pop and are stronger with the perfect blend of concave and kick. From Koston & Biebel, to McCrank and Mike Mo everyone is represented. Pick your favorite Girl Pro and either Ride’em or collect’em for your board wall. Check them all out out below.

Brandon Biebel

Cory Kennedy

Eric Koston

Guy Mariano

Jeron Wilson

Mike Carroll

Mike Mo

Rick Howard

Rick McCrank

Sean Malto

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