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Every single time KR3W street murderer Windsor James steps onto his skateboard he continues to prove that he’s on a whole other level than the rest of us mortals. We recently caught up with Windsor as he was checking out at Home Depot and bombarded him with some carefully picked questions involving some of his first experiences.

Sit back, grab a drink and see how Windsor handles his first, FIRSTS, A brand new department here at the CCS Corner.

First Setup?
My mom got me this cheap assed board from Walmart I think it was 2 Xtreme or something like that. I think I was like 12. Then I went to the skatepark and found a board, pretty much just stole a board.

First trick you learned?
Probably heel flips. That was the one I had, I was trying to learn kickflips but heelflips came to me.

First Rail you jumped on?
The First real handrail I jumped on was in Denver. It was at the Denver Tech Center at Orchard, I think there was like an 8 stair rail that I did a front boardslide. It was my first rail and my first back boardslide was there too.

First girlfriend?
It was probably this chick named Alisha. I forget her last name but yeah it was Alisha. I think it was in 6th or 7th grade.

First major injury?
Nothing major yet, knock on wood, but I think I hurt my meniscus about a year and a half ago. It was after that Mystery video came out.

First sponsor?
My first sponsor was this shop in Colorado called North Shore.

What was in the First box you got from Kr3w?
It was about three years ago, Steve Claire got me box of these Jeans I want that were like wax denim or something.

First autograph you signed?
The first autograph I signed I was like 16 years old it was a little bit after the Darkstar video came out, we did a signing at this skate shop in Canada.

First Skate trip you went on?
It was with the homies to Arizona. I was with the 303 boys. It was Angel Ramirez, David Reyes, Micah Hollinger, a bunch of Denver homeboys.

First fight?
The first fight I got into was when I was 9 years old with this dude named Chris we were homeboys but he was talking sh#t so I had to get him. But I think he got me that fight.

First thing you do each day?
I wake up and piss then I drink a glass of water.

First skateboarder you looked up to?
It was a dude named Phil Mcarthy. He was this Asian dude, I don’t know if he still skates but he used to do all this nollie sh#t. He had all the nollie tricks that I thought were cool at the time. Like nollie-flip-noseslides he knew who to do all that **** so I was super hyped on him. He was just a homie.

First video part you watched?
The first video I watched was this video called Manual Labor. It was some San Diego video that I had bought from the shop. But the fist video part that I was stoked to watch was Greco’s Baker 2G part. When I was coming up it was the sh#t.

First sponsor check you cashed?
I cashed this check from this shoe company called FUSE that was in business for a couple of months they were out of Colorado. I think it was like $200. Yeah I cashed that and spent it all real quick.

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