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Element and DC Pro Evan Smith is so on fire right now it’s ridiculous! The ultra creative Smith has not one but two dream careers, and both of these careers going off at the same time with the same intensity. Not only is his a freshly minted pro on Element but his band The Drowning Clowns is fast becoming one of the most sought after music acts today. We were able to grab Evan and hurl some “FIRSTS” questions at him.

Stay tuned because we’ve got a doozy of an interview with Evan coming soon. For now, kick back and see how Evan handles this “Firsts” Interview.

First time you picked up a guitar?
I was in Orlando and it was one of my Aunt’s guitars. She was touring with Rusted Root and she played a show in Orlando and I went with my mom and I wound up getting on stage and playing bongos in front of like 20,000 people. I was like 6 or 7 at the time.

First setup?
My first setup was Alien Workshop, Indys, and Spitfire wheels. Got it for christmas, my uncle gave it to me.

First band you were psyched on?
Probably System of A Down, nah I’m just kidding. Broken Social Scene was the first band I was super psyched on.

First car?
I never had a car.

First photo of you published in a skate mag?
It was a Check Out in Transworld.

First Love?

First trick you learned?

First song you learned on guitar?
I don’t remember. It was a Devendra Banhart song.

What was the first band you were in?
The Color District. It was my cousin and me. We’re still playing to this day.

First Sponsor?
Apostle Clothing down in Florida.

First time you played to a big audience?
I was 7, I was playing bongos with Rusted Root.

Who was the first hero you got a chance to meet?
Danny Montoya. I got the opportunity to ride for Listen Skateboards for a while. He was a hero of mine. My first skate video was One Step Beyond. He and Kenny Anderson were in that video was my life.

First injury?
I got bit in the face by a dog when I was a little kid.

First skateboarding injury.
Make A Wish 2012. I hit my head and had a seizure in front of like 5000 people. They had to staple my head together with no anesthesia.

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