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In a category all his own, there are few dudes more unique and original than CCS team rider Corey Duffel. In addition to destroying it on a skateboard, The Duffman is a legit trendsetter, true professional and one of the best human’s in the skateboarding game. We caught up with Corey and hurled some quick “Firsts” questions at him.

Now would be the time to start your scrolling to see how Corey gets busy answering his first, FIRSTS Interview, here at the CCS Corner.

First Setup?

1994 Wade Speyer 8.5 Think skateboards, venture trucks, spitfires, it was an ever slick with a Frank Frazetta looking graphic. A warrior chick with huge tits and thighs that just decapitated another warrior. It was bad ass!

First promise you broke?

Promising I'd stay out of trouble.

First motorcycle you owned?

1971 Moto Guzzi Ambassador.

First Band You were Psyched on?
I remember buying a Beck cassette single Loser when I was 9. Before that I was just stoked on Motown and British Invasion bands. I can remember listening to my parents records when I was really young.

First Live Show you Attended?

First Skateboarder you looked Up To?
Jamie Thomas.

First Car?

1984 Cutlass Ciera Brougham.

First skateboarding related ticket?

11 years old for skating downtown.

First Tattoo?

A spider from a board graphic I had in 2006.

First time your heart was broken?
Hasn't happened yet.

First Injury?

Fractured my skull.

First trick you learned?


First video part that got you psyched?
Kareem Campbell and Ronnie Creager in 20 Shot Sequence.

First Sponsor?
Think skateboards.

Corey Duffel - Retrospective

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