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DGK and Supra AM Boo Johnson’s relentless skills as a wood pusher are not to be taken lightly. The kid is a proud owner of a sweet and consistent style and as of late he’s been on a constant mission to make his name known in skateboarding. We just caught up with Boo and tossed some quick “Firsts” questions at him. Start your scrolling to see how Boo gets busy answering this FIRSTS Interview, here at the CCS Corner.

First Setup?

To be honest dude, Im not sure of what my trucks were but I know for sure I had a Zoo York board and I think it was just a team board. An 8.25, big boy.

First Trick you learned?

I want to say it was a front board slide or an ollie. My flat ground tricks were on point so I went straight for rails.

First thing you do everyday?

Check my phone right when I get up.

First time you got into a fight?

My first fight was probably with my best friend when I was 4th grade. I remember we were biking at some jumps and someone said something and next thing you know we’re in the bushes tumbling and fighting. Couple days later he’s my best friend.

First Video Part?

The Fun video with Powell in Jordan Hoffart’s Part. With my little brother Isaiah Johnson.

First injury?

My first skateboard injury was gnarly. I was like 11 and I tried ollieing the pyramid at the skatepark in Bakersfield. I flipped down and smacked my head and got 4 staples and I had a seizure. That was my first injury.

First skate trip?

I want to say it was with Powell up to like Seattle.

First DGK ad you got?

My first DGK ad just dropped a couple months ago it was the hard-flip back smith I did on a handicap rail.

First rail you jumped on?

My first real handrail with this rail in Bakersfield. It was like an 8 stair, it was steep as sh*t. So steep.

First sponsor?

Pharmacy Board Shop.

First crush?

Tonya, my girlfriend.

First person you looked up to?

In the skate industry I’d probably say Bryan Herman and in general I’d probably say Muhammad Ali.

First thing you did when you found out you were on DGK?

I was stressing actually. Just like the whole process of me having to quit Element and get on DGK. It’s like Element is family so it was kind of a struggle but I was hurt, my knee was busted, so I didn’t really do sh*t to be honest. I was just like kind of scared.

First brush with death?

We were making a left hand turn, you know when you’re making a left hand turn and you have to be super cautious, and there was actually like a curve in the road so you pretty much just had to hope for the best. And at that moment my best friend’s mom was driving and she was making the left hand turn and right as we were turning a car came and we were in a truck so we were in the back seats but luckily it hit the rear end and we were all good. That was like super sketchy you know. I even seen it come and was like “Oh Sh*t!”. You know a bunch of sh*t just flashes through your mind.

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