CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

Stevie Williams is at the helm of one of the hottest up and coming new brands in skateboarding right now. Asphalt Yacht Club is not only on the cutting edge of style but they have perhaps one of the most heavily stacked teams in the business. Their rooster includes the hardest of hitters: pros Figgy, Nyjah Huston, Stefan Janoski along with ams Ben Nordberg, Riley Hawk, Derrick Wilson and Blake Carpenter filling out their ranks. CCS recently caught up with Stevie and hit him with a quick little interview. Read on:

What’s the inspiration behind the name Asphalt Yacht Club?
The inspiration comes from a certain mentality—from the streets to the yacht. The yacht symbolizes any goal in life. We all skate street and we’re always on the move, with different walks of life painting pictures on obstacles around the world. I think like that when I’m filming, so it’s been a goal of mine to relate that idea to fashion for the skaters.

What motivates you?
Success. And doing bigger things, but not forgetting where I came from.

Asphalt Yacht Club Heardsman T-Shirt

How does the AYC name tie in to your experience growing up and coming up through skateboarding?
Getting dressed was important growing up. Even before I started skating, my family would tease me for dressing crazy, but the skateboard trend was ahead of its time. Asphalt Yacht Club clothing will be just as eclectic and dope as the team is. My plan is to push the trends forward for skateboarding fashion.

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What’s your fondest Love park memory?
The people that put us down and helped us create DGK. Without them, I would have a lot less fond memories now.

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Do your self a favor and watch this classic Stevie Williams part from TransWorld’s The Reason (1999) and prepare yourself for more power moves from this East Coast legend.

Watch the Asphalt Yacht Club promo video and get inspired to succeed!

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