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Smooth as hell and style for days, Brad Cromer is a one-man killing machine who happens to be Krooked’s newest pro. Brad also happens to be one of the nicest, most easy-going dudes we’ve interviewed in a very long time. CCS caught up with Brad in between his relentless travel schedule and asked him some questions, one of which being what are his plans are now that there is potentially a killer comet headed our way. Read on!

Where are you at right now?

I’m in Florida?

So you grew up in Florida?

Yep my whole life I was born and raised here and living here ever since. Lately I’ve been traveling a lot though. I’m not here too often these days.

So how long have you been at this? Seems like you’ve been a sponsored AM for a long time before you finally broke though to the pro ranks.

I’ve been AM since right around when Rasa Libre went out of business so right around 7 years.

Did you think you were ever going to have to find another career or anything or were you like, “I’m going to keep this up until I turn pro”?

Of course this is what I wanted for my whole life. I’ve worked jobs here and there. I worked at a skate shop for like 6 years. Then I started traveling and I couldn’t really work a steady job. At that point it seemed like something that might actually happen and I might be able to make a living off skating, so I put all my effort into it.

What was the moment like when you found out Krooked was turning you pro? That must have been overwhelming right?

It was beyond overwhelming! It didn’t even set into my head for a few days. Right when it happened, I was basically speechless and it was something I totally wasn’t expecting.

Did you cry?

I didn’t cry but it was a bunch of feelings all at once, like relief and happiness. It was a good day.

I think I’d cry if Gonzo gave me a board with my name on it. So how long have you actually been on Krooked?

Pretty much since I’ve been AM. I rode for Rasa Libre when they were through Deluxe Distribution. I was getting boards for a little bit and I had a flow part in the video, then they went out of business, I was asked by Deluxe what I wanted to do. So I was thinking they wanted to keep me with their squad. I figured Krooked would make the most sense.

The fact that they kept you on and found you a place on Krooked goes to show you that the cream always rises to the top.

Krooked has been a great home for me and I’ve always loved everyone there and everything that they do. It’s a good fit. The most fun trips that I’ve been on have been Krooked trips. Everyone just clicks.

What video parts do you get most psyched on watching?

I watch tons of skating. I’m always up to date with what’s going on. I like watching what people that I’ve been skating with for the last year are doing. I like seeing what they put out and end up with. That is what I get the most psyched on. Its fun seeing what your friends can put together as far as a video part, whether it’s Ishod or Jake Donnelly.

Are you working on filming something now?

I’m working on a Transworld part. I’m filming with Chris Thiessen and Oliver Barton is shooting photos. We’re going to film for a year or so and see what we got and just go from there.

What do you think of the new contest trends that are happening now? Cool or lame?

I think it’s cool. I mean it’s definitely for certain types of skaters and certain people. The dudes that are in it you can tell it’s right for them they are super consistent and they can handle the massive pressure of crowds and TV.

So could you ever see yourself doing anything like street league or is your style too raw for something like that?

Yeah if I was asked to skate one of them I’d definitely try. Why not? Could be really fun. I enjoy skating contests. I’ve skated tons of contests. Especially the Tampa AM. It’s always a good time seeing tons of friends.

Have you ever been mistaken for Jon Comer?

No but I’ve seen all types of Youtube comments and all sorts of things like, “I thought this guy had one leg”. But I doubt that anyone thinks that I am really Jon Comer.

I heard you have a solid work ethic.
I like to stay pretty busy unless I have a big trip coming up then I need to rest my bones.

What width board do you ride?

I ride an 8.06” Krooked, 8” Thunder Highs, and Spitfire Bearings, Formula 4s, and 7/8th Allen bolts, I like ‘em real short. I used to ride a bit bigger board but I’ve brought it down a little. For flip tricks it seems like you don’t have to try as hard to get your board around.

Have you heard of the Ison Comet? Do you know what that is?

It’s a massive chunk of ice and rock that is headed into our solar system, it’s supposed to slingshot around the sun. It’s crazy because there are a bunch of weird theories about it. Like the super religious believe that it’s the sign of the Apocalypse. Then the UFO dudes believe it’s a UFO or multiple UFOs trailing the comet. What would you do with your last days if you found out the Ison Comet was signaling the end of times.

I would try and have a huge get together with all my family and friends, like one big giant party. I’d try and skate as much as I could, it’d be cool to do a road trip across the States with all my friends. Try and have as much fun as possible, skate as much as possible and see as much as we could.

What it’s like spending time with The GONZ?

It’s awesome. Every time I get to skate with him and hang with him, it’s always a great time, we always do so much random fun sh*t throughout the whole day. It’s always spontaneous. Nothing is every planed. We just meet up and go. I’m so tired at the end of the day. He never stops. He’s goes all day. He has nonstop energy. It’s inspiring to me. The fact that he’s 45 and he still has so much energy.

What is the worst you’ve ever been broken off?

Broke my ankle that ended in surgery. It was like 5 years ago.

Any shout outs?

I’d like to thank everyone that has supported me; my friends, my family, girlfriend, all the companies that I ride for. Want to thank, everyone that has had my back and been there for me. I’m really psyched where I am at right now and I’d like to thank everyone.

Watch Brad Cromer's Welcome To Krooked Part

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