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HUF and 3D Pro Austyn Gillette has so many passionate fans that random Tumblr accounts are spontaneously popping up to honor him. It’s no wonder that the world is mesmerized because Austyn is brimming with effortless steez, control, on a skateboard and heaps of charisma off.

We caught up with Austyn and chatted about his new HUF shoe, his 16-year-old self, and his future in the sport of fencing. Read on and learn what makes Austyn tick.

How’s the New Year starting out for you?
It’s good nothing has really changed.

Right, 2013 is just blending into 2014 for me too. So what are you working on at the moment?
I’m trying to get a 3D ad in the next hour. It’s kind of a last minute thing since it’s only Brian and I on the team. So every month we’ve got to switch out the ads. It’s kind of tough. But that’s what it takes when you only have two dudes on the team.

So tell us about your move over to 3D from Habitat. Was that a hard decision to make?
It was tough, I was on the team with all my friends who brought me up not only, through skating but I learned a lot from everyone on the team. It was tough leaving Habitat but I guess it was time to try something new. I’ve always liked Brian and respected him.

So how did you and BA wind up becoming friends?
Mainly just being in NY for the past few summers and seeing him around. I don’t even think it was through skating necessarily. We had mutual friends and we’d just hang out. Me starting with 3D happened more on the friend level rather than it being like, “This is the coolest new team and they are going to pay me a sh*tload of money” . It was more natural and it was cool.

Do you miss having Brennan Conroy in your life?
I still talk to Brennan a lot. It wasn’t like a breakup. I didn’t cheat on them. They might have cheated on me, I think they were already scouting for new people to put on Habitat. Always looking for that young blood. But who isn’t?

Right. So now 3D is just you and Brian Anderson on the team.
Yeah but my dog is on the team too.

Are we going to see some ads of your dog?
Yeah, if this photo doesn’t work out today I’m probably going to take a photo of my dog.

So how much are you involved in 3D besides getting photos and stuff?
Brad Staba and Brian really want my input. We talk a few times a week and they ask me what I’m into that week, whether it be skating a certain thing or outside of skateboarding, like hiking or something.

So what exactly happened why did Alex Olson leave?
I really don’t know. I don’t really want to say want to say anything about it personally. We are all friends.

There wasn’t any bad blood or anything right?
No we’re all good friends we still hangout. I think he’s just trying to do his own thing. That’s kind of how he is with everything. Just kind of on his own. Maybe he didn’t want to mix friends with business. I have no clue. He’s real good friends with Brian.

I heard he Is he starting his own brand.
I have no clue. I think he is a DJ. I think he’s throwing down some crunchy jams.

Are we going to come to the point when every pro has his own board brand?
Yeah maybe. Actually I’m not going to say what I was going to say.

Why not just let it rip?
Let’s just keep this interview clean. I love skateboarding and I love everybody in it.

Okay let’s keep it positive, what’s going on over at HUF? It seems like some really great things are starting to happen over there.
That has been a serious transition because both Dylan and I getting on the team and kind of putting our input into what HUF has already created. It’s really nice because HUF is a skater and understands.

Yeah it seems like it’s getting to the point where the skater owned shoe brand will someday be rarity.
Yeah, that’s mainly why I’ve done these past few moves to different smaller skater owned brands. Just cuz I’ve dealt with the big companies and you can tell what their motive is. What they really want. And then when you talk to HUF or Brian Anderson you’re talking to a friend. They understand what you are going through, like going out everyday and skating or not skating. We’re going to blow every shoe company out of the water.

I’m backing it!
Hey can I get on the CCS Team?

I have zero control over the team decisions but let’s make your intent clear right here!
I’ll send in a “sponsor me” tape.

Do you have a shoe in the works?
I do. It’ll be a shown in July but won’t come out until next December or January.

Congrats. What can you tell us about it?
It’s going to look more like a Croc. It’ll be breathable and edible.

Like gummy bear material?
No like rice paper. I’m working with this guy Haden and Dennis but mainly Haden. I’ve given him a few shoes that I’d wear when I’m not skating and few HUF shoes that I am skating in that are currently out. Who know’s probably people are going to hate it.

Nope it seems like you are on top of the fashion game. I’m sure your shoe will be winner.
Maybe we’ll set some trends. I don’t know it’s really not that crazy. It’s a really basic shoe. It’s going to be a cupsole but we figured out how to make it flexible. A cupsole with a Crocs upper.

Who’s behind that Tumblr F*CKYEAHAUSTYNGILLETTE? Is that your Tumblr?
No, it’s definitely not me. I apparently have a Facebook page too and I don’t have a Facebook page. I deleted my account 3 years ago.

Apparently it’s a Tumblr site devoted to everything Austyn Gillette.
That’s really weird.

You should be psyched to know that you’ve reached the level of notoriety where multiple people care enough about you to post photos of you. Or maybe it’s a 49 year old dude in his mom’s basement.
I guarantee it’s some kid in Iowa.

How did you wind up in that short film by Aaron Rose?
It was a friend of a friend and they needed some skaters for that film. We didn’t know what it was going to be and they just told us what it was about and what we were going to be doing loosely. We ended up wearing these expensive clothes and Jerry got the craziest kits. We were wearing designer clothes and seeing naked women so it was pretty easy. It was actually weird because I got a lot of feedback from that from people outside of skateboarding. I remember Jerry being really embarrassed after he looked at the message boards. I don’t even bother looking. I really don’t think it f*cking matters.

Yeah it doesn’t matter at all.
I guess if I weren’t in the film I’d be a little skeptical but then again when you are hanging around 6’5” naked models it’s not really a bad look. How do you say no to that? Why worry about what the nerdy dudes on the internet think? They spend their time looking at little kids skateboarding.

Couldn’t agree more. What’s the best thing about Brian Anderson?
We don’t talk about skateboarding, ever. I think it’s really nice. And he send me his daily and weekly updates on what he’s been up to. Like shopping and doing laundry. Really basic things but he gives through these updates. It’s awesome. It’s great because it’s really sincere. He really wants you to know that he’s there for you and he’s alright. And everythings going to be alright and we’re still a company. I’d say having him as a boss is pretty amazing.

List 5 things you’d tell your 16 year old self, if you could.
Don’t wear a beanie, don’t listen to everything Brennan says, don’t get a girl pregnant, throwaway that Sugar Ray cd, I don’t think I was listening to it when I was 16 but I probably still had it, no I’d say save it. F*ck it frame it! I’d tell myself, “Cut your hair, you ****”.

What do you think people most misunderstand about you?
I think people think I’m serious guy for some reason. Apparently I look like I’m mad but I’m not. People think I look really mad. But I’m not.

Besides skateboarding what is the one thing you wish you were great at?
Fencing. I would quit skateboarding for a career in fencing. I’ve been working on this thing but I don’t really want to talk about it right now, I’m going to retire from skateboarding in the next year and start a new career. Lets not talk about it because it’s just going to come out. But yeah Fencing.

Any last words, let’s wrap this up!
I’ve got take a piss right now and I’m sitting in my car.

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