CCS Pants | Buy One, Get One 50% Off

CCS Pants: Buy One, Get One 50% Off. Stylish skaters hanging out in CCS Pants.
CCS Pants: Buy One, Get One 50% Off. Stylish skaters hanging in CCS Pants.

Enjoi can be looked at as somewhat of a pioneer in skateboarding humility. In a time when skateboarding is so popular, we have a large number of brands and skaters who are focused on being the best, toughest, and gnarliest. While the spirit of competition drives the progression of skateboarding, it’s nice to see organizations, like Enjoi Skateboards, that are built around pure fun.

Enjoi Skateboards’ symbolic cartoon pandas, Enjoi’s seemingly carefree approach to marketing and branding, and its impressive pantheon of pro riders culminate in a skate company that straddles progression and pleasure.

You can miss a trick, throw your board, and curse up frustrated a storm when you’ve been trying for hours and can’t make sense of it. But when you go fish your board out of whatever plant or gutter it landed in, and you see the two Enjoi pandas doin’ it under a rainbow graphic, you might remember that this is supposed to be fun. Perfection is not a necessary part of skateboarding, not all the time. Enjoi seems to point out that fun is necessary in skateboarding, all of the time.

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