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While it seems like plenty of companies are providing more and more Hi-Tech Deck constructions as of late, Element is one brand that’s been pushing the concept of, “something for everyone”, in regards to specialized board constructions. At the moment Element has a whopping 7 deck constructions, with each offering something very specific for every skaters particular needs.

Here’s a little breakdown of Element’s Board Constructions, so when you’re ready to pick out your next board you might be thoroughly prepared. Be sure to visit the CCS Shop to get your hands on some of these Element Board Constructions.

This is Element’s first premium deck construction and has a decade under its belt to prove it. FEATHERLIGHT’s combine thinner veneers with a pressed concave, adding plenty of strength to the thinner materials. Solid boards that are light and strong.

Element’s FIBERLIGHT boards use even thinner veneers than the FEATHERLIGHT boards. In order to add strength to the extra thin plys, a fiberglass beam is inlayed through the center ply. This fiberglass beam distributes impact throughout the boards entirety during hard and/ awkward landings. These are the thinnest of thin boards made by Element, making them ideal for tech skating. And for anyone that likes a little extra flex to your board, the FIBERLIGHT should be your go-to.

If you’re a little guy who hasn’t quite grown into a regular sized board just yet, TWIG boards are what you’re gonna need. These boards are pressed in a mold that has been scaled down from the Featherlight mold and since these boards are reduced in length and width to accommodate the smaller skaters, the result is the thinnest, lightest board available. Man, I wish these things existed when I was a little kid.

Now this one is my personal favorite of all the Element constructions. Element’s FLATLIGHT construction is a premium 7 ply board that’s pressed in a much softer concave mold. The result is a real mellow concave and lowered nose and tail kicks. There’s also more flat behind truck holes, adding even more ‘flatness’ to the lowered angles of the tail and nose. FLATLIGHT boards ultimately respond much quicker to tricks done both off the nose and tail because there’s less pop time between your board and the surface below it. In addition, this construction is made with fewer dyed veneers in an effort to lighten the decks environmental impact.

The idea behind THRIFTWOOD boards is simple. Good, quality decks at a reduced price. They are made up of a standard 7 ply construction with mostly natural veneers. They’re a bit thicker and stiffer than FEATHERLIGHT boards and are well worth the price for any skater looking to save a couple bucks.

The FEATHERLIGHT HELIUM decks take board construction to all new levels of innovation. They utilize five strengthening positioned air frame chambers that run the length of the board, evenly spaced through the two center veneers. These hollowed-out chambers elimate excess wood while creating a much stiffer deck. The result is the lightest and stiffest deck in the Element Construction family. Plenty of pop, strength and weight loss.

PUSH construction combines the technology of the FEATHERLIGHT HELIUM decks with a unique carbon fiber. It’s durable, lightweight and extra strong. If you’re somebody that skates big, but isn’t afraid to throw down the tech, the PUSH construction would be a good choice for you.

Element Pro Levi Brown schools the world on FLATLIGHT CONSTRUCTION

Element Pro Darrell Stanton breaks down Element’s PUSH CONSTRUCTION

Images & Video Courtesy of Element Skateboards.

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