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Up this month for CCS' Editor's Choice Top Ten is legendary sneaker blogger and rapper Donwill of the infamous sneaker hype blog Kicks On Fire. If there's anyone who has excellent taste and style it's those individuals operating in the upper echelons of the footwear blogosphere and let's just say Donwill is on a permanent swagger odyssey in these realms. We tapped him this month to get his opinions on some of the gear we have in the CCS shop. He picked out his top ten favorite items and gave us a quick breakdown of what he picked and why he picked em'. Have a look below and get a little style schooling from Donwill himself.

The Madero by Vans - "The Vans Madero is typically pretty tame, but not this time around. Tiger Camo on anything gets my vote and when you mix that look with this easy-to-love canvas silhouette, it's a no brainer."

Dunk Low Pro by Nike SB - "There will always be a soft spot in my heart for the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro. As the model that set off the collector craze, this eBay mainstay is the cornerstone of any collection. You don't have to be a skater to appreciate comfort or clean lines and this one is all you need in both departments."

Authentic by Vans - "FUN FACT: Watch any Lil B video and you'll see him rocking a pair of beat-to-death once white Vans Authentics. This patriotic pair looks ripe for spilling Do-Over sangria all over or color coordinating with that Pabst tall boy you snuck in the party. Typically clocking in at around $45 a pop its not hard to keep a fresh pair around."

Busenitz ADV by adidas - "Never slipped my foot inside of the adidas Busenitz model, but I've heard really good things and aesthetically it's one of the cleanest skate shoes I've seen in a while. That soccer shoe feel never gets old and a splash of color is never bad to have in the repertoire."

Cruiser S/S Woven by KR3W - "As crazy as it may sound sometimes you actually need a collar on your shirt, even if it's for layering under a crew neck. The all over print palm trees really send this one over the top."

Denns T-shirt by The Hundreds - "Who doesn't love The Hundreds? As streetwear is to comfort food their bomb logo has slowly crept into golden arch's territory and it's a scientific fact that McDonald's has the best fries. This tee is classic material."

Doberman Tank by ROOK - "You know those wolf tee shirts you find at truck stops that only a handful of hipsters can pull off? This shirt is kinda like that, but not. This tank top by Rook has both bark and bite and the best part is you don't even have to pick up its poops. Throw on a few gold chains just to ensure that this canine is leashed when you walk it."

Rise Tank by LRG - "Be it scrawny or brawny we all have a right to bear arms and the tank top is a summer-time must. LRG puts an interesting twist on camo by placing autumn leaves on a summer look for a total mind****, but in the end it all works. The breast pocket is there incase you need a place for your pocket square to go. Snazzy."

Original 3 Starter Hat by KR3W - "Nothing says original quite like a snap back with the word "original" scrawled across it. KR3W eschews the notion that you've gotta be into sports to be into athletic apparel and let's you pick your position on team Original. I've always wanted to play point guard so I guess this is my shot."

Rock Logo Snapback by Diamond Supply Co. - "I'd imagine that somewhere in Miami there is a pink flamingo rocking this hat but that doesn't make much sense. Pink doesn't match this colorway at all. A white flamingo could totally pull this off tho. Diamond keeps it clear as day that this is warm weather only apparel with a cap sharp enough to cut glass."

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