CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

Day 2 of Tampa Am 2009 heats went off today and contained some of the absolute best skating of the contest yet. Plenty of insane skating went down from one run to the next so I’ll give you the extra-condensed version of highlights.

Brad Comer: Blew his first run but came up on his second with an extra long five-0 on the long fun box, buttery front nosegrinds on the pyramid ledge, switch front bigs down the seven and large frontside flips over the hip.

Andrew Langi: Flip’s newest Amateur is not playing around, people. Giant Madonnas on the quarter, waist-high blasted nollie heels over the hip, bigspins down the 7 stair, etc. This dude’s a beast and could very well win the whole damned thing.

Luan Oliveira: Gigantic nollie halfcab flips over the hip. Seriously, they were huge. Kickflips over the pyramid caught like nobody else I’ve ever seen and looking like he was having the best time of his life.

Austyn Gillette: This kid is ridiculous. High speed switch back tails on the flat ledge and huge switch backside ollies on the roll-in with unbelievable board control.

Luis Tolentino: A crowd favorite, Tolentino started off his runs by ollieing UP the 7 stair. He also ollied up the marble ledge to manual, everytime, at lightning speed. Psyched Luis made the finals.

Ben Hatchell: Without money to get out to the contest, Schaefer paid out of pocket for Ben Hatchell to get out to Tampa. It was money well spent cause this dude destroyed all day long. Blunt kickflip fakies on the bank to wall, frontside nosegrinds over the love seat, caballerial kickflips over the pyramid and combos like his back smith to feeble fakie over the love seat. His 1st place qualifier status was well deserved.

Street Qualifiers
1. Ben Hatchell
2. Cameo Wilson
3. Boo Johnson
4. Timmy Knuth
5. Nick Merlino
6. Shaun Gregoire
7. Derek Elmendorf
8. David Loy
9. Tommy Werner
10. Luis Tolentino
11. Jack Olson
12. Raven Tershay
13. Cory Kennedy
14. Paul Hart
15. Brad Cromer
16. Kechaud Johnson

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