CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

As I entered the street course at SPOT this morning, SPOT owner Brian Schaefer made an announcement from the judges podium. “Don’t forget to get a tattoo over at our free tattoo booth. If you want to get your face tattooed, we highly advise against it, but then again it’s totally up to you.” 11AM seemed far too early to get a face tat anyway. That’s how Day 1 began for us at Tampa Am 2009.

It was a long day of absolute ripping on the amazingly designed street course, featuring some of the worlds top amateurs, many of which were both super young and previously unheard of. But that’s what Tampa Am’s always been about…bringing light to the freshest talent around. Show up with nothing but a bootleg shop sponsor and roll out hooked up with a grip of legit ones. That’s how it goes.

As the rain came down outside in apocalyptic fashion, the indoor course got murdered from one heat to the next. There’s far too many specifics to cover, so I’ll break it down for you by some of the standout rippage…

Kevin Romar: The newest Blind Am put in work today with flawless nollie heels down the stair set everytime and a switch heel backside bluntlide down the lil’ rail in his run.

Ron Deily: New Jersey’s own Ron Deily threw down ridiculously high kicklips on the Big Kahuna roll-in, kickflip nosestall fakies on the bank to wall and powerful back smiths over the love seat. Definitely a stand out.

Ishod Wair: I never heard of this guy before today and I have no idea why. He’ll be blowing up in due time, for sure. Anyway, this kid was fully ruling all day. Back 3’s over the pyramid every damn time, perfectly caught nollie back heels over the pyramid and a buttery style got Ishod qualified 5th for the finals.

Marius Syvanen: He showed up looking like he stumbled out of a halfway house but skated the course like nobody else out there. Smooth, effortless style and some of the days best lines. Bummed he didn’t qualify. His wallie front 180 fakie manual on the pyramid box was one of the best tricks of the day. Marius has the best frontside five-0’s in the business, too.

Antonio Massey: No idea who he is or who he rides for but dude did a back 270 lipslide down the big rail in his run. Gnarcakes.

Gilbert Crockett: New to the Soverign Sect, Gilbert Crockett nailed large nollie backside flips over the hip, backlips up the marble ledge from flat and rolled away from a frontside nollie heel on the bank of the bank to wall. It was one of the best tricks done all day, for sure.

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Here: Evan Smith wallie front krooks the pyramid box. Top Photo: Matt Berger, back 180 fakie five 0, come out straight. Photos: Rob Meronek, Courtesy Skatepark of Tampa.

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