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It's been some time since we've done a proper Cell Phone Raid here on The Corner. What better a person to re-introduce the column than DC Pro, Mike Mo? If you follow Mo's Instagram, you'll know his life is pretty much packed full of photo-worthy moments on the daily. We caught up with Mo this week, cracked his phone and pulled a few gems off his Insta account. From skateboard antics with DC teammates Chris Cole and Mikey Taylor to a few behind-the-scenes bangers from Pretty Sweet and even a few shots of his new shoe from DC, it's fair to say Mike Mo is living that life. Take a look below and then click on over to the CCS shop to check out his brand new shoe from DC—The Mike Mo-S.

Filming another Mikey Days with Chris Cole and Mikey Taylor

Chris Cole shot this “Pretty Sweet” photo


Trying to keep it Glassy

I'm taking on a new style in skating... I'm going old school.

Pretty sweet

Why so serious?

I love my new shoe.

Giving away my new shoe to the first 5 people in line at the dcshoes signing tomorrow.

Do you feel in charge?

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