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CCS Pants: Buy One, Get One 50% Off. Stylish skaters hanging out in CCS Pants.
CCS Pants: Buy One, Get One 50% Off. Stylish skaters hanging in CCS Pants.

Torey Pudwill has been putting it down like crazy this year. Loads of coverage, pop for days, notable contest placings and seriously innovative ledge trickery…T. Puds is on fire. There’s not much new to say about the guy that you don’t already know, except that he’s now on CCS. There you have it. Big ups Torey and welcome to the CCS Team.

First off, welcome to CCS Torey. Stoked to have you on the program. You’ve had a pretty amazing year so far and its only July! What’s driving you right now to be killing the game so hard? Thank you! I’m very stoked! Lately I’ve been taking notice of all the new opportunities that I have been given. It motivates me to work on new projects and really get involved with skateboarding.

The new Transworld video “Hallelujah” is done and the word is your part raised the bar about 18 notches. How does it feel to hear people talking about it like that? Haha. It makes me psyched because I put a lot of time and work into making that video part happen. It makes me feel good that it’s done now cause I get to work on filming for the new Plan B video. It’s like a fresh start!

Did you put everything into that part or did you save some stuff for the Plan B video that’s in the works? Hallilujah was the only thing I was focusing on. I would wake up everyday with the video on my mind. That was the only way I could make it the strongest I could. And now the Plan B video will be my main focus for about another year or so.

Besides filming your ass off for all these videos, you’ve been steadily crushing the contest circuit. Do you think one is more important than the other? I’ve been entering a bunch of contest lately. I never saw too much in them before, but now I know there’s a ton of new opportunities to come up and make happen. Also to just hang out around kids and a gang of other people that are hyped to see me out at a contest is rad.

You kill at every contest you enter, but I gotta ask what’s up with the puking? Is it nerves, or are you just skating too hard, or a combination of both? I try to hold it in but that never works. Ha! But yeah I get extremely nervous without even really knowing it. Last minute nerves I guess. And also just from the hustle to keep up with everyone else isn’t easy so I get short of breath and unleash the barf.

Talk about your decision to switch board sponsors earlier this year. Had to be tough one, what were some of the reasons? It was definitely a tough decision that I wasn’t too psyched I had to make. But it wasn’t really for too much of a reason. I love Daewon and Rodney and the whole Almost fam just as I do my own family. I just saw more opportunity if I skated for Plan B and make myself benefit from that. It wasn’t a move I wanted to make at first and it definitely wasn’t sudden. It took a lot of time to make sure that the decision I made was the right one. I feel great over at Plan B and very stoked to be part of it!

You definitely seem to have some business sense about you. What is your involvement with Grizzly Grip? It’s your company right? Grizzly Grip is something I started when I was a little kid with a few homies. It was just for fun and to sell at a few local shops. I’ve now partnered up with Nick Tershay from Diamond Supply Co. We hope to start a dope griptape brand that’s going to take over! Working with nick and the Diamond squad has been amazing so far and I hope to see Grizzly Grow in the future!

What’s coming up next for you, what do you have going the rest of 2010? To keep a positive mind and keep believing in myself. I’m stoked to work hard on my Plan B part for the rest of the year. My signature DVS shoe was just released. Grizzly Grip is coming really soon…

Last words, shout outs, or rules to live by? Thanks to everybody who has helped! Thanks to my sponsors Plan B, DVS, Matix, Venture, Select Wheels, Diamond, Primitive, Isis, Markisa, Bones Swiss, Skatelab, and CCS. Live life slowly and good things will catch up to you. I have no problem waiting. Valley life!!!!!

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