CCS Pants | Buy One, Get One 50% Off

CCS Pants: Buy One, Get One 50% Off. Stylish skaters hanging out in CCS Pants.
CCS Pants: Buy One, Get One 50% Off. Stylish skaters hanging in CCS Pants.

Welcome to the second installment of CCS SOCIAL ROUNDUP. In this weekly update we take the time to gleen the social media channels of the CCS pro team to deliver you their greatest posts.

This week, Shecks gets a Volcom sponsored ride in the sky, Nyjah goes to the mountains, Lizard goes beardless and more. Kick your shoes off, get comfy, and start your scrolling now to see what the CCS Pro Team has shared on social media over the last week.

Corey Duffel @coreyduffel on Instagram

Cleaning and picking out 45s to play tonight. @inshreds and I are spinning records tonight at Spoons in Walnut Creek. If you like punk rock, darkwave, Britpop, alternative indie music roll out for #deadradio see you tonight!

Sierra Fellers @thefellers on Instagram

I made a new friend today at the Mae Taeng#Elephant Park in #ChiangMai #Thailand. So awesome!! #zoestmunderground#theundergroundla #skatelife

Silas Baxterneal @silasbaxterneal on Instagram

It was pretty fun and interesting working with #CoreyKoniniec, his crew and the movi cam on the Adidas edit for my new shoe the "Silas SLR" thanks to all who were involved in making this come out so cool.

Arto Saari @artofoto on Instagram

@umyeaharts and @french_fred are coming out with some new #pinnacle #visuals#Stoked to announce that the long awaited Thomas Campbell skateboard film "Cuatro Sueños Pequeños" , featuring Javier Mendizabal and Madars Apse, is finally coming out soon. (trailer: Pre-orders for the book-dvd edition are now possible on

Cairo Foster @cairofoster on Instagram

Taking up ice skating for the next few weeks... Mammoth CA

Nyjah Huston @nyjah_huston on Instagram

Out in Aspen to check out the winter@xgames. It's so nice here!

Lizard King @bigbizliz on Instagram


Shane Oneill @shanjoneill on Instagram

Trying to learn a few new tricks for the street's have a good night people

David Gonzalez @davidgonzalez on Instagram

@bakedbaldhead @volcomskate #vegassk8

Theotis Beasley @theotisb on Instagram

Inglewood is what we about. @caseyveggies"WhipIt" video is up Now! @shonny246@uree1 @zackdwarren @wingtipmedia

Mark Appleyard @mark_appleyard on Instagram

Thunder Lights and autobahn 51's . Essentch

Ryan Sheckler @shecks on Instagram

Thanks for the rad ride @volcom @volcomskate!@davidgonzalez

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