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Photos and words by Tadashi

To put an exclamation point on CCS Sacramento’s dedication to skateboarding the store hosted a very special autograph signing with the uber fun loving enjoi team. Before you scroll down and look at all the pretty pictures I must mention the pre-game festivities. The CCS employees kept the line of autograph seekers entertained by hurling various trivia questions and rudimentary challenges at the crowd. The squat challenge was quite a spectacle. Who ever could hold an exercising squat pose the longest would win a free board. In the end Jose Rojo, who has had very little squat pose judging experience, picked the winner and delivered the board. After that the signing began. Louie Barletta, Jose Rojo, Caswell Berry, Cairo Foster, and Jerry Hsu captivated autograph seekers with their all to famous boyish charm and amazing penmanship. Read on!

These kids know what is up!
The crowd showed up early but they had to work for their free enjoi product.
The squat challenge!
Pump enough transition and you will get legs of steel!
The signing begins.
Cairo and Jerry are first up to bat.
The enjoi filmer, Carson, gots all the angles covered.
Louie, Jose and Caswell got it under control.
Nothing is spared the wrath of an autograph, not even 4 year olds.
Everyone wants Jose’s autograph.
The enjoi team autographs are works of art.
Louie, “i” before “e” except after “c.”

A little shameless self-promotion never hurts. Cairo Foster with his signature Lakai shoe. It’s on sale folks!
Enjoi in the house! From Left to right: Cairo Foster, Louie Barletta, Jerry Hsu, Caswell Berry, , and Jose Rojo.

Big thanks to the enjoi team for showing up, hooking up the enjoi product, and signing their names soo many times. Stay tuned for a team autograph session at a CCS near you!

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