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CCS Pants: Buy One, Get One 50% Off. Stylish skaters hanging out in CCS Pants.
CCS Pants: Buy One, Get One 50% Off. Stylish skaters hanging in CCS Pants.

Last year was a hell of a year for Silas Baxter-Neal. And when the smoke finally cleared from his firestorm of destruction, he was left standing as Thrasher’s Skater Of The Year 2008. Rather than ramble on about Silas’ year, I’ll give you a quote from legendary Thrasher Editor, Jake Phelps, who sums up exactly why Silas was the mags winning choice.

“Silas Baxter-Neal was our choice for Skater of the Year for a few reasons. He ripped in our mag, he didn’t over-Dew it, and he blew our minds with each new shot that came in. Progression, aggression and a cold brew at the session all add up to the 2008 SOTY. The underground has spoken.” -Jake Phelps

The SOTY official announcement is a week away and everyone here at CCS is peeing their pants with excitement. To get you all psyched for the big day the way we are, here’s a little video retrospective that gives some shine to last years SOTY winner, Silas Baxter-Neal. For more on Silas go to his CCS Team Page.

Thrasher Rocket Science, 2004

Habitat Inhabitants, 2007

éS éSpecial, 2007

Adidas Welcome Video, 2008

Strange Notes Checkin’ In, 2008

Thrasher SOTY 2008

CCS Welcome To The Team Video, 2009

Image Courtesy Of Thrasher.

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