CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

Wouldn’t it be nice to land every single trick with such ease that it looked as if you were possibly sleeping? Well not quite like Weekend At Bernies-style dead asleep, but close. I’m talking about skating completely effortless, relaxed…perfectly natural. Only a select few are blessed with this inherent, all so stylish trait. Penny’s got it. Malto too. Then there’s guys like Reynolds, Nick Trapasso, Gino, Stefan Janoski who can put down fluid trick perfection with what appears to be absolute ease. Another one who has this “effortless thing” in abundance is CCS’s own Mark Appleyard.

Through the years Apples has undoubtedly elevated street skating to new types of levels. Nollie flipping into Crooks on handrails? C’mon. After back to back video parts in Flip’s Sorry & Really Sorry, the powers that be had no choice but to grant Mark Appleyard 2009’s Skater Of The Year. Have a look at Appleyard’s profile on the CCS Team Page. And when you’re done with that have a look at 9 video parts/clips documenting the destruction throughout Mark’s career.

Digital 6 All Stars,

Alien Workshop Photosynthesis (Habitat Section), 2000

Transworld IE, 2001

ON video, Fall 2002

Flip Sorry, 2002

Flip Really Sorry, 2003

Thrasher Skater Of The Year 2003

Puzzle, Fall 2006

Globe Commerical 2008

Image Courtesy of Thrasher Magazine.

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