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In this first ever Pro Collection post here on The Corner we have a complete collection of pro-signature items and related gear that are part of CCS pro David Gonzalez's daily skate repertoire. From boards and wheels to trucks, tanks and shoes, David's pro kit definitely defines his daily style from head to toe. Check out what's listed below and shop it all right HERE in the CCS Shop.

Skate Goat T-shirt by Thrasher

Last year's SOTY didn't become the SOTY by not repping The Mag. There was hardly a photo taken or a public appearance of David last year in which he wasn't wearing a Thrasher shirt and the iconic Skate Goat graphic is one of his favorites.

David Gonzalez SOTY LTD Stage 11 Truck by Independent

If you've seen David Gonzalez's Thrasher video Possessed To Skate, you'll know that he's no stranger to blood. He took slams in that video that would make even the toughest of guys second guess a second try and this signature black truck from Independent with it's blood splatter graphic stands in testament of David's fearlessness.

Texted Tank Top by Volcom

If you know David, you know he's a fierce supporter of the tank top. He's rocking a tank in tons of his footage and is usually seen wearing them even when he's not skating. David's been repping The Stone for years and this Texted tank from Volcom is definitely an item on his back or in his closet.

Gonzalez SOTY Deck by Flip

To the victor go the spoils and this Flip SOTY deck made special for David is a perfect nod to that fact. Great for shredding or collecting, this Flip SOTY deck makes a perfect tribute piece for the wall or a great shred sled all the same.

The Sabbath by Globe

David's new shoe from Globe, The Sabbath, just dropped this week. Featuring synthetic coating on the heel panels for extra support, a PU cushion on the insole for high impact skating as well as Globe's S-Trac grip on the bottom—these shoes are made for SOTY-level skateboarding. Gonzalez approved.

Gonzalez Chrome Core Pro Wheel by Ricta

Signature everything is the name of the game when you're a top pro and this red-ringed 53mm David Gonzalez signature wheel from Ricta is part of that package. Long lasting and ready to roll right out of the box. Get some!

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