CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

by Migdol

Oregon is heaven on earth, the green-coated ruggedness, the mystical thick morning fog, the wet concrete, the hessians, and the hippies, the hipsters, and the happy-fun-loving-homeless people. Only a state like Oregon could spawn the rough individualists who could bless each township with their very own perfect concrete skate wonderland. And only Oregon could foster the kind of laidback attitude that allows these skate parks to remain open and free from the Nazi policing and incessant pad-nannying that plague all the other state’s parks in this good country. Oh Oregon, even your homeless people are loveable.

As soon as I stepped into my rental car I pointed it into the direction of the Tigard Skate Park where there is not a drop of concrete out of place. Tigard is the best park that my wheels have ever touched, absolutely flawless. There were lines for days. It was at the Tigard Park, the day before the Grand Opening of CCS Tigard, that I witnessed the locals put on a display of ripping that I’ve not seen anywhere. They were shredding so hard, I had a hard time pulling myself away from the park. Instead, I was content lurk in shadows and watch. The more shredding I watched the more excited I became for our IPath demo at this very park in just under 24hours. It was going to be a doozy. Have you ever seen that kid Ben Rayborne skate a park? It’s a sight for sore eyes I tell you. Read on:

These kids showed up very very early. One of the kids was not old enough to drive. However, he was only one in their crew with access to a car so he handed over the keys to his homie who had just gotten a learner’s permit. Whether it was totally legal or not they were determined to get to CCS Tigard for the Grand Opening. I’m pretty sure one of them came up on a Habitat deck, so it was worth it.

The very early birds, yes they did get the worms. We don’t mess around, if you get out of bed early, you’re going to get hooked up hard.
I believe Oregon has the biggest population of cute young girls who ride skateboards. It’s something of a revolution in the making.
This is Mike McCoy of CCS Tigard explaining to a customer the finer points of shoe design.
And a lucky winner, new deck, some shoes, what’ll it be?
If you happen to roll into the Tigard skate park you’ll likely see this crew holding it down. They are an epic posse. They treat that park as if it is their child, cleaning her when she is dirty, wiping her down when she is wet, and tucking her in when it’s bedtime. That dude in the lower-left corner, his name is Nick Robertson and you’ll likely being seeing more of him in the future.
This was our hired gun, Mr. Bliss. Mr. Bliss was an amazing chap, if you ever need security services in Tigard Oregon. Mr. Bliss is your man. He has a son at home who shreds and he himself confesses his love of skateboarding. In fact, after the Ipath signing he rolled over to the Tigard Park to watch the demo.
I don’t usually use this blog to vent my grievances but these clowns actually charged us a pretty penny to sit there, push a couple of buttons, and bob their heads to the crap they played. I could have plugged my Iphone into the shop’s sound system and done a better job.
This dude on the right was awesome! Every time his raffle ticket fell short of winning a deck, he let out the loudest and saddest sigh. He sounded like a wounded elephant seal. Hands down he was my favorite dude of all time.
This is Sam, assistant manager of CCS Tigard Oregon. Sam is a virtuoso with the razor blade. Not a moment after I snapped this photo, he sliced his index finger pretty good opening a pack of bearings for a CCS shopper. Sam is willing to bleed for you!

One day I will be a famous photographer. My work will be displayed in the world’s finest galleries. This photo right here will be first in a series entitled: Great Lensmen At Work. The art critics will write: “Mr. Migdol, masterfully captures the essence of angst in the scene. The subject, photographer Mr. Matt Price, in a moment of focused determination takes aim while Ipath Pro skateboarder Fred Gall sits relaxed, unaware of toil around him.” Can’t you tell how hyped I am on this photo?

The Ipath team in its full autograph making glory: from left to right. Jon Goemann, Ryan Reyes, Ben Raybourn, Andrew, Matt Rodriguez, Ryan Lay, and Fred Gall.

Matt Rodriguez amazing signature but not quite as impressive as his his nollie-frontside-shuvit to five-O on the lip of the 11 foot bank at the demo. Gnarly!

You’d be happy too if you came up on a fortune cookie that had a 50 dollar gift card in it.
This woman helped build the Burnside park back in the day. She carried 50-pound bags of cement through the rain and the cold day and night. About 10 years ago she created a boy who now skates, ah, the cycle of life. Yeah Freddy Gall gets it.

Ipath & The Skateboard Mag’s top gun lensman: Matt Price.
The Ipath Team at CCS Tigard. Matt Rodriguez, Jon Goemann, Ben Raybourn, Ryan Lay, Ryan Reyes, Andrew, and Fred Gall.

After the Autograph session we charged over to the Tigard Park and watched the Ipath team shred! Here’s Matt Price again and Ipath Team Manager, good friend, and men among men: Ohio Dave.
Jon Goemann, Ryan Reyes, Jack Sabback, and Ryan Lay.
The Tigard Park.
Jon Goemann, Frontside-Ollie-Transfer.
CCS sponsored an Ipath dinner. It was Ipath, of course we ate Indian food. Epic meal. Epic crew.
Later that evening there was a heated Karaoke session. Not only does Jack Sabback have some mean tech skills on a skateboard, he’s also got mad vocals.
Who did we happen upon? None other than Stereo pro Mr. Clint Peterson. Yeah, Clint’s down for some Karaoke.

Big thanks are in order for Ipath for making it out to make the Grand Opening of CCS Oregon a huge success and flowing the good people of Oregon so much free promo product. Thanks to Habitat as well for hooking up the heads of Tigard. Stay tuned for a CCS opening near you.

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