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by Migdol

I rolled into to Kansas mid afternoon amidst the angry looking thunderclouds above. The sky looked ready to barf out a twister. Everything I know about tornados I learned from watching the National Geographic Explorer channel. To me the clouds looked like they were plotting to form into a nasty vortex and start sucking things up off the ground and spitting them back to earth. The experts say if confronted with a tornado you should take cover in a ditch or underground basement. A quick scan of the area around me had none of these things. That was all I remembered. When I got to the CCS Grand Opening in the Oak Park Mall, things seemed a bit weird. Throngs of heads were lining up way too early. Everything seemed to be in its place, but there was something weird going on, there was a tension in the air, I felt it in my stomach. As I moved closer to the line of people outside of the store, I noticed they were not kids at all they were monkeys in tight little jackets. And they were looking for trouble. They bum rushed me and started beating me with their little clenched fists and pulling at my hair. I tried to scream but was unable to. I felt something grab my right arm.
Her breath smelled like sour milk and she looked like a three-toed sloth. Only this is an insult to the three-toed sloth. Sloths are cute and cuddly; she was none of these things. Her eyes were mean and angry. I could move my legs so I tried clicking my heels three times, thinking this would get me out of Kansas. But nothing happened; I still stood there with her pudgy finger pointing in my face. “I want! I WANT! I WANT!” she screamed. WANT! WANT! WAAAHANT WAAAHANT! Ah, thank God! It’s the alarm clock. Ah, it’s just a bad dream. The whole thing had been a bad dream. I looked out the window and the sun was shining brilliantly. It was going to be a good day.
When I got to the new CCS Store at 8 AM I was relieved to find these weren’t the
little evil monkeys from my dream. They were in fact, super charged CCS enthused
heads ready for the good times.

Handing a hessian a 50-dollar gift card was on my “bucket list”, of things I must do
before I die. Checked that off in Kansas.
And another winner. Cracking open a fortune cookie and finding a fifty dollar CCS
shopping spree must rank up there with the feeling of landing your first switch-
backside-heelflip or the first time you kiss a girl.

The store was stocked to the rafters with Toy Machine. Why? Because the TM Team
is coming! Shortly after I snapped this photo I was approached by a woman who
was upset because she mistakenly thought the gift card giveaway was for “the first 50”.
I flashed back to my previous night’s bad dream. Was it a premonition? Toto were
not in Kansas anymore.

This kid didn’t win the $50 but he did get a mouthful of tasty fortune cookie.
After a bit of delay, the Toy Machine team rolled in and got right to work with their
sharpies. Matt Bennett, Jordan Taylor, Daniel Lurtheran, and Leo Romero carved out
thousands of autographs for legions of Kansas’ Toy Machine fans.
This is Toy Machine’s video dude, Kevin Barnett. Kevin is a Kansas native and an
amazing artist. Don’t believe me? Check out this little masterpiece he put together
for us by clicking here.
A Toy Machine minion. Toy Machine reaches wide!
This kid brought pages and pages of Leo Romero content ripped from magazines
for Leo to sign. Brilliant idea! This kid is going places!

During a break in the action the CCS team behind the counter stays limber with a
few quick stretches. Got to stay flexible or you could pull a muscle or something.
Meet CCS Overland Park’s master board gripper Chris. Pay him a visit some day,
let him work his magic on your new deck.
DJ Brentastic!
CCS Overland Park. You’d be hard pressed to find a better crew working at any shop

Thank you Toy Machine for coming out to Kansas and making the CCS Overland Park store opening a huge success. Stay tuned for a CCS store opening near you!

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