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Words By Migdol, Photos By Tadashi

By the time I made it to Sacramento, I was so tired I was teetering on a full on psychotic breakdown. It had been a whirlwind 168 hours of non-stop travel. Things can get pretty grim when you’ve subsisted for days on nothing but tiny bags of peanuts. The days on end jammed into the 2 cubic feet of an airplane seat, while being tortured by the insentient yapping of the countless flabby middle-aged women and miserable little babies can cause a homie to snap. Leaving LaGuardia Airport in New York City I was nearly cavity searched after a screener failed to comprehend the image the roll of raffle tickets in my backpack gave off to the X-Ray machine. The TSA Nazis all had a good laugh after they pulled the raffle tickets out of my carry on bag. I wasn’t laughing at all. In fact a quick trip to Guantánamo Bay was looking like a nice holiday.

Landing in Sacramento was like shedding my skin. The sun was out. The air was warm and dry. The Mexican food was real. I was ready to try my hand at Sacramento’s beautiful new skate park, Granite. Things were looking up, indeed. Best of all The Expedition team was coming to the CCS store. Enough with this nonsense, NOW ON WITH THE PHOTOS FROM THIS WEEKEND’S GRAND OPENING OF CCS SACRAMENTO:

This is the early line-er-uppers. You’ll notice, there is quite a bit of flow product in their hands. There were also quite a few 50-dollar gift card winners early on, which is nice. You’ll also notice, in this random sampling of the Sacramento populace they rock a plethora of different hairstyles.
I gave an Expedition deck to the first person who could tell me what the 85 stands for on the back of the CCS “Shredder 85” tee shirt. This kid knows his history! That’s right! 1985 was the year CCS was founded.
Heads who come to one of our Grand Opening events leave with a cement mixer’s worth of free stuff.
The dude in the middle is wearing his start up tee shirt brand called “Keep Skatin’ Bro”. I’m kinda feeling it. KSB, the next DGK?

Dad has been down with CCS since he was a little kid. Now he has a son who will also be part of the CCS fold. Allegiances are passed down and span generations. He won a fifty-dollar gift card; just a little “thank you” for years of loyalty.
And another winner!
Expedition’s resident filmer: Alan Hannon. Besure to check back in a few days, Alan is putting together a little video piece for us.
This is a proper DJ, the dude was raining down the beats like some sort of musical monsoon. (FYI, this will be my last “DJ” caption for the year. Check back in 2011 for more.)
This is CCS Sacramento’s Tarik Smith. I don’t know what he’s doing working at one of our stores, he should on some sort of professional dance circuit. This man can cut some serious rug.
Full bore Expedition autograph session. Look at that focus. From left to right: Richard Angelides, Kenny Hoyle, Rob Welsh, Chany Jeanguenin, Ryan Gallant, and Kelly Hart.

The good people of Sacramento are hyped on Expedition.

The Expedition team had quite a few lady fans. The girls definitely showed up.

The Expedition team and two she-fans.
It wasn’t all girls, the dudes were psyched too!
After the autograph session Kelly Hart and I did a raffle, sheer awesomeness!
CCS sponsored team lunch with the crew. It was Kelly Hart’s birthday!
Kenny Hoyle!
Ryan Gallant and Expedition Team Manager Matt Daughters.

Pro Filmer Alan Hannon and Pro Caption Writer, me; I had the shrimp and black bean burrito. I know, you’re jealous, right?

Skate Photographer Tadashi Yamaoda. Tadashi’s a good friend of mine. I’ve been working with Tadashi since back in day during Automatic Magazine’s reign.
After lunch we headed over to the Granite park and the Expedition boys put on a demo for Sacramento. Richard Angelides switch-heelflip-manual.
Rob Welsh nollie flip up the eurogap.
Kenny Hoyle switch manual.

Thank you Expedition for making it out to the Grand Opening of CCS Sacramento. Thanks for hooking up the skaters of Sacramento! Also thank you Volcom for that box of goodies. Stay tuned for a CCS opening near you!

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