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Words by Migdol, Photos by Bradley Rosado.
Every person in entire state of Georgia came out for the grand opening of CCS’ newest skate shop in the Augusta Mall. I realize you’re probably thinking I’m trying to use some cute literary trick here but I’m serious, every person in Georgia and several hundred from South Carolina turned up to meet with DGK team riders Stevie Williams, Rodrigo Lima, Lenny Rivas, and D-Wayne Fagundes. The streets were completely empty except for the hundreds of stray dogs wandering around looking for scraps of food. Police, farmers, doctors, lawyers, firemen, strippers, nursery school teachers, kids, moms, grand parents, godmothers, truck drivers, bar tenders, pastors, even famous television stars, came to meet Stevie Williams. Grown men, upon catching a brief glance of Stevie Williams fainted. Mothers were handing Stevie their babies, to keep. Policemen, who you would imagine were enemies of our skateboarding tribe, were suddenly our biggest allies, smiling, patting skaters on their heads, and revealing City Hall’s secret skate spots. Stevie had that powerful of effect on people. Stevie is that big of a celebrity. Don’t believe me? Read on little homie.

Local Time: 7:30 AM. Store Opening: 10:00 AM. I wish I had that kind of motivation
when I was their age. Then again we didn’t have DGK when I was their age. We had
Powell Peralta. Animal Chin was sick but I certainly wasn’t getting up out of bed at
4 in the morning to see the Bones Brigade. I just made myself sad. I’m old.

These kids drove all the way from Savannah. 3 hours in the car, which means they
had to get out of bed at 4 AM and leave by 5 AM. Stevie and his DGK crew have
that much power.
By 9 AM three quarters of the state arrived.
Welcome to CCS Augusta GA. Come on in, make yourself at home.
This is Bo Mitchell and his Mom. Bo plays the character Wayne Powers on HBO’s
hit series Eastbound and Down. Even huge celebrities want to meet Stevie Williams
and the DGK crew.
Here are a few of the lucky heads who came up on our 50 dollar gift card give-away.
And here’s another winner. This kid gets his own space because instead of keeping
his 50 dollar gift card for himself. He gave it to his homie who had no money to
spend! Southerners are an amazingly generous and freindly people.
DGK Crew from left to right: Lenny Rivas, Stevie Williams, D-Wayne Fagundes,
Rodrigo Lima. I think Stevie’s on the phone with President Obama letting him know
he’ll be unavailable for consult durning the autograph session. “Don’t bother me right
now Barak! Homie, I’m about to start signing some autographs. Hit ya back later. “
This is DJ Smedium. He kept the beats flowing like the labrador current.
I’m a tenth degree black belt in caption writing.
D-Wayne and Rodrigo hard at work.
Lenny and Stevie wearing down sharpies.
This image needs no caption.
Artsy angle. Well done Brad!
Smelly old shoes, rubber duckys, everything is worthy of an autograph.
This mom brought her kids all the way from Atlanta but it turns out she was really
the one after the crew’s autograph.
This is Richmond County Sheriff’s Deputy Ashworth. Deputy Ashworth rolled out to
hang with Stevie and the DGK crew.
Here’s Deputy Ashworth helping take some photos for the fans. Heros like Ashworth
don’t grow on trees!
Rodrigo Lima!

Huge thanks are in order for DGK and the team for stepping up and making the grand opening of The CCS store in Augusta a success. Stay tuned to the CCS blog for info on a CCS store opening near you.

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