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The Trooper + Relief shoe from Vox is basically the best deal in skateboarding right now and CCS has a Red/Black colorway of this sick-ass seller that you can’t get anywhere else in the world!

For a week now I’ve been skating in these tasty morsels and I’ll be the first to say, They’re legit as a skate shoe gets. Like skateboards, skate shoes are designed to be destroyed. But within that timeline of pleasant destruction, a shoe needs to last as long as possible. And when price comes into play, it’s difficult to get a solid skate shoe without dropping some serious cheddar. The problem with cheap shoes is that you often get what you pay for. But…

Thanks to Vox, an affordable shoe is here and despite being more than affordable, at a beautiful price of $39.99, it’s actually a sweet-ass shoe to skate in. How did they do it? I have no idea. All I know is that they did.

The Trooper + Releif is essentially a low-top, vulcanized shoe that looks and feels like a good shoe should…sturdy and true to size. The collar is padded nicely and features elastic tongue straps for comfort. The fit is like a glove, which curbs foot shifting and toe crushing. The insole in this one isn’t removable, but the shoe features a full-length Shocksorb EVA insole that’s more than cushiony and just right for feeling the board beneath your feet. The outsole has a reinforced toe and ollie area with a hidden protection lace option. The grippy vulcanized gummy outsole features a nice and sticky zig zag tread that’s simple, yet super grippy. No joke.

So there it is…This red and black colorway is available ONLY in the CCS Shop and is super limited, so hurry up and get on this now.

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