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It’s no secret that Australia produces some of the best skateboarders in the world and Sydney’s Chima Ferguson is a prime example of one of these shred-heavy Aussie exports. In addition to the recent release of his first pro model shoe with Vans along with a year packed with global tripping for the filming of Vans’ highly anticipated new video, Chima found himself on the cover of CCS this month.

You've got your first pro shoe out now with Vans. What's it like to get a pro model with an iconic company like Vans? Was it worth the wait?

For me to get a shoe on Vans is like winning the lottery. I don’t feel like I’ve waited for it—I guess you’re just chosen. Only a handful of people have had shoes with Vans so I feel extremely lucky.

What's under the hood? Anything special about the design and creation of it you'd like to share?

There’s a new insole the designers at Vans created for my shoe called ULTRACUSH LITE that keeps the shoes lightweight, but also helps with the impact of wearing thinner shoes. There is also a thin under layer of fully-fused DURACAP so the shoes stay fresh and on point forever—even the canvas ones.

You’ve been a lot of recent trips for the Vans video. What's going on with that project? Where have you guys been tripping? Who's killing it on the team right now? What can people expect?

We've been all over the world so far. We're just out all the time trying to get the best footage we can. Everyone has been killing it and putting in a lot of effort. Kyle Walker is the newest gun on our squad so there is some fresh blood in the video. We have Cody Green and Greg Hunt behind the camera so expect great things. Every single part is going to be good 'cause they're all legends.

You seem to be pretty tight with the Odd Future dudes. What’s your relationship with those guys? What was up with the recent Real x Odd Future collaboration?

I've known Nak for a little while. Na-kel is the tightest—all ‘round good company. Can't wait to see more from him! I met the rest of them when they came out to Australia. They're down for skating so I guess it just clicks. As for the project with Real, I hit up Tyler and said we should do some OF x Real collaborations so he designed some graphics then DLX got it into production of it.

Chima Pro by Vans

Chima Pro by Vans

Chima Pro by Vans

Chima Pro by Vans

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