CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

We recently caught up with CCS team rider, and Enjoi and Etnies pro, Cairo Foster. Having spent a significant amount of time on each coast, and leaving an even more significant mark- from his groundbreaking nollie hard flip into the fountain at Flushing Meadows Park, NYC, to his legendary tre flip at the Bay Blocks in S.F.- Cairo is once again residing in California. We got his take on East Coast vs. West Coast skating, balancing the pro skater/family man life, and all the industry shake-ups. Check the interview below, then click the images and cop some gear from Cairo’s sponsors.

CCS Exclusive: Cairo Foster Interview

You've spent some time on both coasts:
Best part of living in New York City?

Living in New York was a dream come true. As a street skateboarder, I appreciate the fact that you really have to put your work in to get coverage, but at the very same time you're able to step outside and simply skate. No hopping in a car to drive 30 minutes to the spot. And if you gotta travel, you're using public transit.

Best part of living in California?

On the other hand, living in California gives me nearly unlimited access to skate spots, homies to sesh with, access to the skate media, and epic weather almost year round. That's hard to beat when your undying passion is skateboarding.

How have you managed being a family man while maintaining a skate career?

Over the past ten years I've been on the road at least half of the year, so my kid grew up having me in and out of her life. It's been rough at times, but I do my best to hang with her as much as possible knowing that I'm doing my best to give her access to as many rad opportunities as possible. Her mom does a great job as well.

Are you working on any video projects?

Definitely! I'm hyped to be working on a part for a full length enjoi video. Filming for Over Vert has been a little stressful but my goal is to create something I'm proud of.

Favorite member of the Tiltmode Army?

Paul Sharpe.

Who on the CCS team are you tight with/get to skate with much?

I'd say I'm homies with most of the crew but since I live in Oakland, I get to see the Duffman a lot. He and Silas are absolute rulers! I need more Silas in my life, but to do that I may have to move to Portland.

Where did the name "Gilman" come form for your pro shoe on etnies?

There's a music venue in Berkeley named the Gilman. Thiebaud would talk about it back when I rode for Real skateboards and it stuck in my mind. My heart's in the SF Bay, so I wanted a name that was connected to that. The Gilman was only out for a season, but I'd be hyped if I could work on another shoe project with Etnies that had my name on it.

What's your take on all these industry shake-ups, e.g., smaller brands, dudes leaving to start their own companies, and such?

Industry shake-ups and new brands are essential for skateboarding. It's the whole death and rebirth process many industries undergo and we are not excluded from it. I'm backing it because it's an opportunity for new ideas to reach the masses as well as a chance for skaters to have options they wanna back that aren't old and stuffy. No doubt, it takes a lot of effort to keep things fresh and some companies have done it while others struggle. When that happens, things need to be shaken up.


Cairo Foster pro model by Enjoi

Etnies Gilman

Etnies Highlight

Cairo Foster Wheel by Ricta

Excursion Backpack by Poler

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