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On Saturday, June 6, 2009, éS Footwear threw a giant launch party for rider Bobby Worrest, his new shoe, the "First Blood" and his apparel and accessory collection at the éS showroom in NYC. Over 800 people completely packed all three showroom levels throughout the entire night. The night ended with a shoe presentation of Bobby’s "First Blood" shoe that was silvered out on a classy plaque. Check the photo recap below of the night and be sure to visit the CCS store for Bobby’s éS shoes and apparel that will be dropping soon.

Photos Courtesy Of éS.

Bobby's new shoe behind glass.

DC legend and designer of Bobby's shoe, Chris Hall & Dustin Charleton.

John Cardiel and Scotty Hundrends bro down.

Bobby, Jimmy McDonald and Filmer Scuba Steve.

Salman Agah, Dante Ross, Nick Diamonds, Steve Berra & Mike

Anderson with his lady.

Bobby's Mom & Dad proudly hold up their son's first pro shoe.

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