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Our long awaited Koston issue is finally in the mail and if you've seen it (below) you'll see Eric cresting a nice frontside ollie on an indoor quarter pipe. It's definitely a rad cover shot, but that cover you see wasn't exactly the cover we were aiming for.

Obviously we put a good deal of planning and thought into the covers of our catalogs here at CCS, but sometimes things don't always go as planned—and the Koston cover you're seeing now is a perfect example of that.

It all started with Eric being in Australia for an Oakley shoot. It was hard to pin him down, but luckily our new staff photographer Arto Saari was on hand down in Aus and was able to get a few portrait shots of Eric as potential cover images for us to use.

They came out great, but what we were really looking was a skate shot—it is Koston, after-all. So with just a few days before our print date, we linked up with Eric in LA at a local school to try to shoot a wall ride down a stair set. Everyone showed up, the camera gear was out, flashes were in place, but right before Eric's first attempt the cops rolled up and we got the boot.

With just a few hours to spare the crew packed it up and headed to downtown LA attempting to hit another wallride stair spot before the sun went down. With just a few minutes before sunset, we arrived at the spot and the session was on to get the cover shot. Harsh ground on the landing made the ride away tough and the sun ended up going down before we could the photo, but Eric, being the champion that he is, carried on into the night and ended up with this epic wallride shot via the expert lensmanship of Arto.

So you see.....things don't always work out as planned—but they always work out. Words to live by.

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