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There’s a new board construction here, and this one is from the heavy hitters over at Baker Skateboards. It’s a sweet lil’ board construction that Reynold’s and the boys like to call HELI-POP.

Baker’s HELI-POP decks are manufactured using something called the FIBERFORGE© process. FIBERFORGE© uses a top-secret hybrid made up of wood and advanced thermoplastic composites. It employs a single-directional, continously stranded and custom fiber angle placement to provide a custom tailored flex and strength pattern throughout. Got that?

In a nutshell, the result is extra pop and a longer lasting crispiness throughout the decks lifespan.

I recently got ahold of one these things and for the last couple weeks, been riding the hell out of it. I’ve been riding the 8.25 Brand Logo board cause these days, I like to skate a big-ass board.

After setting it up, the first thing I noticed was how insanely light it was. And right away, straight out the gates, this board felt real sturdy under my feet. Mellow, but solid kicks gave way to an extra solid pop through and through. It’s been a week and a half now riding a HELI-POP and while regular 7-ply decks tend to get mushy and lose their natural snap, the HELI-POP retains pop and holds onto a flex that you normally find in freshly set-up boards.

In my experience, board technology is hit & miss. But the HELI-POP construction is the real deal. Look for Baker HELI-POP’s in the CCS Store hella soon!

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