CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

Back before cell phones, Facebook, stretch denim and the vulcanized shoe craze, there was a young buck straight from the far away land of Finland.

This kids name was Arto Saari, and to us U.S. folk, he seemed to pop up out of nowhere. He started out riding for XYZ, a now long-ago defunct lil’ board brand once run by Danny Way, and through shear innovation and skill quickly rose to the surface as one of America’s top pros.

The first full video documentation of Arto’s power came from this rookie part in the also now defunct, 411 Video Magazine.

If the quality of this thing resembles a Times Sqaure bootleg it’s because it was transfered from VHS. Skate videos didn’t exist on DVD back then, fool!

Now shut your face and feel the stoke!

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