CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

When it comes to comfortable, durable, padded skate kicks, Adidas almost always comes to mind. The brand has been putting in serious work find tuning and producing some of the absolute best shoes on the market.

One shoe that I’m fully psyched on at the moment is the Adidas “Skate” Mark Gonzales EDT. This one is based off of the classic “Gazelle” sillohuette, featuring an expanding middle toe cap and extra low profile. It has a lightly padded tongue for better fit and true vulcanized gum rubber sole that’s extra grippy. Plus, the full length padded insole features custom Gonz artwork. Super sick.

If you’re looking for an ill shoe that looks good, skates good and is now ON SALE in the CCS Shop for only $44.99, look no further. This is the shoe you’re gonna wanna buy.

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