CCS '96 Logo Collection: A Favorite From the CCS Archives

The signature shoe from one of our pro riders is finally here and is NOW AVAILABLE in the CCS Shop!

That’s right, no more color ways for Silas, now the Habitat/CCS rider has his very own signature shoe, and take my word for it, he did an insane job creating one of the best skate shoes on the market. No joke.

It’s been noted that when designing the shoe, Silas wanted a look and feel that would also reflect his interests outside of skating. Silas, a true outdoorsman, handles a lot of hiking and fishing on his downtime and his design brings to life physicality and durability that’s built for all kinds of terrain. Silas really liked the design of the Adidas classic, hiking-inspired, Marathon Trainers and based his shoe strongly off its look and feel.

I’ve been skating in a pair of the new Silas shoe over the past few days and this thing skates like a champ. It’s refreshing to skate in a shoe that strays from the typical, low profile vulcanized designs that seem to run rampant throughout skateboarding. And I have to admit; this was the first cupsole shoe I’ve skated in years. The Silas shoe has a sturdy cupsole that surprisingly retains board-feel right out of the box. It’s super comfortable, and padded nicely around the ankles base for extra core stability. There’s a heel stabilizer as well, which keeps your foot in place consistently. Adding to the snug fit is a medium padded tongue that’s attached at the shoes base, giving more of a sock-like fit. The full-length removable insole is thin but still it manages to protect and pad without sacrificing board-feel. I’ve landed primo a few times in these and walked away unscathed.

As far as the outside of the shoe goes, the toe features and extra rubber layer in the key toe and ollie areas. Recessed eyelets cut back on shoelace replacement. And the soles, use a honeycomb, arrow, zig zag combination that’s grippy straight out the gates. So the rating, the verdict, or whatever. This shoe is seriously amazing. I’m backing it 100%. I could skate this same shoe for the rest of my life and be psyched. Buy a few pairs before they’re all gone.

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