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Spawned from the raw streets of its namesake no brand has left a deeper mark on the Big Apple skate scene then the legendary 5BoroNYC. 5Boro has recently teamed up with the Smith Street Tattoo Parlour of Brooklyn to bring the PinUp series to life. CCS linked up with the man at the helm, Mark Nardelli to learn more about this epic collaboration. Read on!

How did the idea of doing a 5boronyc “Pin-Up” series come to be?

We are always trying to figure out new ways to interpret New York City's five boroughs through our graphics, videos and product design. I had the idea of a different girl representing each of NYC's boroughs a long time ago, but I wasn’t sure what kind of style to do it till this past summer when we decided on a pin up tattoo illustration style.

Who made the artwork?

The artwork was done by Smith Street Tattoo Parlour of Brooklyn NY. They are a crew of four tattoo artists and an assistant that work collectively to form Smith St Tattoos. Smith St is a lot like 5boronyc, both have a crew of tight knit friends working together to produce work they are proud of, so working together was easy as we had same values as a crew and standards for the level of creative.

How did 5Boro and Smith Street Tattoo link up for this collaboration?

It was a combination of some mutual friends putting in a good word on the idea, a solid creative brief that I made for them and a good ole fashion walk in the door and chop it up with those guys. Smith St. is a super busy, haven’t done any collabs prior so at first I wasn’t sure if they were going to be into the idea, but after hanging out, a few discussions all of the guys there decided they were in for it which was exciting as I knew it was going to be good from the start.

What is the 5Boro connection with Smith Street Tattoo?

I’d say the connection before the collab was really just awareness through friends who are in the tattoo world and have ink from them, and Smith St. knew of 5boro from living and seeing us in the city. Now that we've worked through this collaboration together they feel like just an extension of 5boro, part of our 5B Familia which I am sure will lead to more work with them in the future.

Anyone on the 5Boro team actually get any of the Pin-Up girls tattoo?

Danny Falla has an appointment booked this weekend for a Ms. Queens tattoo from Bert Krak of Smith St. so the collaboration and bond with them is evolving.

A portion of the proceeds are going to build a new obstacle at the Rockaway Beach Skatepark, what is the obstacle going to be?

The city of NY has crazy restrictions and it’s not easy to try and pour cement like a DIY spot, but I think the best obstacles are simple ones so thinking a good solid ledge or box will do the job.

Does 5Boro have any influence in its design?

Always, for the Pin Up girls, we requested they were all in swimwear to help raise awareness to the destroyed beach scenes from Hurricane Sandy last year. We work with lots of amazing artists who have their own style, but we always give art direction and share the process of design with them so that it represents bot their work and our brand accurately.

For people who didn’t know what happened to the park in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, please explain.

Hurricane Sandy which hit New York last year had literally washed away an entire steel ramp skatepark - 6 foot with 24 foot wide mini ramp, pyramids, ledges, quarter pipes and some other obstacles in between all got washed out to sea along with homes and cars! We're not a huge company with tons of marketing power but we lived through this devastating storm and wanted to use this board series to raise awareness that parts of NY are still rebuilding a year later.

What other good deed projects is 5Boro working on?

Not sure what is coming up, as the scene has needs or if we see something we can better we'll try and get a handle on it and lend support. Steve Rodriguez has been working with the city on holding down the legendary Brooklyn Banks that have been shut down for a few years and has plans in the works for some restoration work and hopefully an opening in the next year or so.

Watch the promo video here:

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