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Looks like the 5BORO crew will be heading South at the end of this month for a little something I like to think will be battered, fried, skated and smothered in BBQ Sauce…Down South Style!

This one’s being called the 5BORO Southern Migration Tour and will include a bunch of stops at some of Florida’s finest skateparks. Have a look below at the offical dates & parks. If I were a betting man, I’d say you don’t want to miss out on this buttery, buttery goodness.

Image Courtesy of 5BORO Skateboards.

Nov 28/Nov 29th
Kona Skatepark
Jacksonville, FLA

Nov 30
Treaty Skatepark
St. Augustine, FLA

Dec 1st
Daytona Skatepark
Daytona Beach,FLA
Portfolio Project

Dec 2nd
Deltona Skatepark
Deltona, FLA

Dec 9th

St. Lucie Skatepark
Ft. Pierce, FLA
Undercover Skateshop

Dec 13th
MIA Skatepark
Miami, FLA

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