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2013 has been one hell of a year for skateboarding. This year saw it’s fair share of groundbreaking video parts, industry shakeups, and new pros unwrapping boards with their names on them. Take a scroll through a quick rehash of the year 2013 and fasten your seat belts because if 2013 was any indication, 2014 is going to be off the hook!

The Revolution Will Be Televised: Contests Become Tolerable.
Yes the commercial-mainstream-televised skate contest has been around for a long while. But now, it seems (street) skating in a contest format seems to have gone through a conceptual shift among our brethren. No longer considered just a just a sellout payday where huge sums of money exchange hands, contest skating has been finally legitimized with the most elite in the game showcase their consistency without staining their image.

New Crop of Pros
From Flip turning long time AMs Curren Caples and Louie Lopez pro to Chocolate giving their whole am squad (the “Trunk Boyz”) boards with their names on them we got some worthy new pros in the mix. 2014 will be interesting!

Lewis Marnell RIP
Sadly skateboarding lost a gem of a human in 2013, Nike SB and Almost Skateboards pro Lewis Marnell, died from Type 1 diabetes. In tribute, Almost issued a memorial deck with sales benefiting diabetes research. RIP MARNELL you’ll be missed.

Ship Jumping
Long time Girl Pro Brian Anderson bailed Girl, started his own brand called 3D. P-ROD told Plan B he was leaving to do his own thing, he then promptly sold 500 hand signed decks on his own website. Long time Alien Workshop pros Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen quit to make boards of their own brand appropriately named F@CKing Awesome. All this leads us to the question: will there be a day in skateboarding when every single pro has his own board brand? Only time will tell.

Mega Madness
Bob Burnquist puts out the heaviest mega ramp video part ever. This is by far one of the craziest things ever to occur on a skateboard. Once again, Bob Burnquist proves to the world that he is on an entirely different level of skateboarding.

The Best SOTY contenders ever!
Skater Of The Year; an award recognized by Thrasher Skateboarding Mag is the most coveted and anticipated award in all of skateboarding and this year had some serious juice. Utimately Ishod Wair ousted Brandon Westgate, Tommy Sandoval, Nyjah Huston, and Dane Burman to take the glory. In the end, the Love Park local became Thrashers first African American SOTY recipient. He posted some of the rawest street skating footage this year with a jaw dropping parts in Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 2, Wair 'N' Tear, and more, it was unanimous!

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