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Volcom is a behemoth in the board sports industry and culture. The company started in the early 1990’s as a means to fuel the wanderlust of its surfing/snowboarding/skateboarding founders. Volcom now provides anyone with a desire to see the world by board, the proper tools for the journey.

The Volcom we know today offers everything from snow pants to bikinis and has made its products available in every state, and most countries in the world. This is a far cry from Volcom’s beginning as a small clothing business making sales out of a California bedroom.

As a company, Volcom didn’t begin as a means of getting rich, blowing up, or taking over. The reason Volcom started is because its founders preferred riding fresh powder over working desk jobs. Volcom’s battle cry in those early years, “Youth Against Establishment” reflected its identity as part of a young movement of creative thinkers tired of the status quo.

In the last two decades, the brand has matured, but remained true to its initial goal. Volcom continues to produce quality gear for adventurers of all types, namely surfers, snowboarders, and skaters. It is important to remember that this isn’t just a successful company. This is a real achievement by people who believe in what we as skateboarders also believe in: freedom over comfort, exploration over stasis.

In recent years, Volcom has adopted a new slogan, “True to This”. “This” being the “Spiritual Intoxication” achieved by the adrenaline and wonder that come with landing the perfect trick, catching the perfect wave, or making the first tracks in fluffy white snow. If our lives are a spirit journey to this feeling, Volcom wishes only to be our shaman.