Skate Pants

Skate Pants

Durability is a must in skateboarding. Be it in your skate shoes, your setup, and in yourself, you won’t get far skateboarding without durability. But not every skateboarder is the same, and each person has his own preference when it comes to pants. For this reason, every skate shop across America will have a variety of skateboard pants - slim cut, relaxed cut, rigid construction, chino, stretch, fleece, etc. Different skaters and different seasons call for different styles.

Luckily for CCS, we have an entire skate warehouse to hold our assortment of skate chinos and skate pants. The stacks of denim, chino, fleece, and khaki quickly add up. Our biggest concern with pants isn’t so much storage as much as it is stocking what’s in demand. Pants style, unlike popular skate shoe styles, change fairly often. What’s popular today, could be completely wrong in a few months. Staying on top of trends and keeping top styles in stock is one of our biggest responsibilities to the skate community. The other is offering comfortable, durable skateboard pants at affordable prices.

CCS Pants are our pride and joy. No other CCS product is more loved and worn than the CCS Pants. CCS team riders all agree, the stretch to durability ratio on CCS Pants is on point. Every pair of CCS Pants were made durable enough to be skated in, and comfortable enough to live in. Our goal with CCS Pants was to produce pants that cost less than the pants we sell on CCS, but live up to the standards set by leaders in our industry.

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