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Levi’s has been producing quality work wear for over a century. With the recent addition of Levi’s Skateboarding, this 140-odd years of experience is catering directly to you as a skateboarder.

Essentially, our needs for clothing are not complicated. We need clothes that allow us to move freely, and that can take a beating. What Levi’s Skate has to offer in their collection of shirts and pants has been created with those specific needs in mind.

Reinforced stitching, tear and scuff resistance, and incorporated stretch allow Levi’s Skate pants to move with you as you snap up curbs, charge hills, and inevitably eat it on the rough pavement. The triple needle stitch featured in Levi’s Skate woven shirts will keep you intact and looking sharp during your more brutal sessions.

From the workers who built this country to the skaters who ride it, navigating the urban jungles of America is a rough ride. Levi’s skate aims to protect your skin as well as your gear by offering a line of clothing made with your brutal task in mind. The next time you blow out a pair of jeans skidding ass-down across a chunked out section of concrete, consider the difference a more durable denim could make in your life.