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How to use the builder How to assemble
Click here for details. Get a custom complete for $99.99 with all CCS components!
Steps Items Price
Choose Deck   $0.00
Choose Trucks   $0.00
Choose Wheels   $0.00
Choose Parts Package or   $0.00
Choose Bearings   $0.00
Choose Griptape   $0.00
Choose Hardware   $0.00
Choose Riser Pads (optional)   $0.00
Start Over Total: $0.00


Using the Builder is easy. It will guide you through each step you need to build your new complete skateboard.

The top part of the screen is your Build Cart. The Build Cart shows you what you have chosen and what you still need to choose. It also allows you to navigate to any of the skateboard parts sections. As you choose your parts, a picture of the part will appear in the build cart with the description and price. You can also decide to have us assemble your deck for free or ship the parts unassembled by picking one of the options in the bottom of the Build Cart.

The bottom part of the screen is the Builder which has all of your skateboard part options. As you select a part, and add it to the checklist the Builder will move you to the next step in the selection process. The first step is to choose a deck. This will determine the base price of your skateboard. Browse through the deck options by using the 'First', 'Prev', 'Next' and 'Last' buttons. You can also view all of the decks in a brand by clicking on the brand logo. Once you've selected the deck, choose your size and click on the 'ADD TO COMPLETE' button. The Builder will move you to the next part which is trucks. Make your selections and move on. Please be aware that there may be an upgrade charge if you select a part that isn't included in the base price of the skateboard.

If you choose a part and then change your mind, you can replace the part by clicking on it in the Build Cart and going to the Builder or by clicking on the Start Over link at the bottom of the Build Cart. Using the 'Back Button' will not allow you to go back through the process.

When you have finished choosing all of the necessary parts you will be presented with the FINISH message. Please read through this carefully. The FINISH message includes information about returns and your complete cost with savings. After you've read through the message, click the 'ADD TO MY SHOPPING CART' button.

Get a custom complete for $89.99 with all CCS components!
  1. Choose any Branded Deck.
  2. Choose any CCS Truck.
  3. Choose any CCS Wheel.
  4. Choose any CCS Bearings, CCS Griptape, CCS Hardware & CCS Riser pads.

Exceptions noted. Decks priced $79.99, $89.99, & 109.99 are excluded. CCS upgrades will apply.

All* of our complete skateboards come with your choice of any truck set up to $34.99, any wheel set up to $24.99 and any "Included" premium parts. You can also upgrade your complete for an additional cost. If there is an upgrade price it will display under the 'Product#' when you select the picture in the Builder.

*CCS Deck Completes include any $29.99 CCS truck set, any $15.99 CCS wheel set, and any "Included" CCS premium parts. Choosing any other parts other than CCS will add an additional upgraded cost.