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Other Useful Information

    I sent CCS a graphic.  Can you put it on a board or shirt?
    CCS is a retailer of skateboard product so we don’t manufacture the product we sell.  Please refer to your favorite skateboard magazine for vendor contact information.

    Can I send CCS some pictures of me doing a trick?  Can you put them in your catalog?
    Unfortunately, we only feature pro skaters in our catalog.

    I have no money to buy a new skateboard or shoes.  Can CCS help me out with some free products?
    We understand your situation, but we are unable to provide you with any free products.  We have several sales every year where you can get discounts on our merchandise.  We also feature clearance and sale merchandise in our catalog and on our website.

    Does CCS carry in-line skates?
    No.  With our experience in the skateboard industry, we want to put our efforts into always offering the best products we possibly can.

    How come your pros are not wearing protective gear in the catalog?  They are role models for our kids, and when they see pros without protective gear it gives them the wrong idea.
    The reason why the pros in the catalog do not wear protective gear is because they are "Professionals" and are confident in their abilities.

    CCS does not carry a specific product any longer.  Can you special order it for me?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to special order an item.

    I am starting my own skate shop.  Can I purchase merchandise from you for resale?
    No, we only sell to individual customers.

    Can I get my favorite pros address, signature or phone number?
    In the best interest of the skater and their privacy, we are unable to provide this information.

    Can I have some free stickers?
    We include free stickers with a purchase of a complete board. Unfortunately, we are unable to send free stickers due to the number of requests we would receive."

    How do I get a CCS catalog?
    There are two ways to get a copy of our catalog: buy something from CCS, or order a catalog at our catalog request page. If you buy something, we will send you a copy of each catalog we make during the next twelve months or so. After you have not bought anything for approximately a year, we stop sending you catalogs.

    The other way to get a catalog is to order one by telephone or at If you live in the US, the catalog will be mailed to you FREE; there is no charge for the catalog, and no charge for the mailing. You will also receive our next two catalogs when they become available.

    We do not send catalogs to people less than thirteen years old. This is due to company policy and laws that say web sites cannot collect personal information from people twelve and younger. Since we can't collect that information, which includes an address, we can't send the catalog. It's a good law and a good policy, although we're sorry if it stops you from getting a catalog. You can always ask a parent or older brother or sister to request the catalog under their name and birthday, and then you read it when it arrives.

    What is an e-zine?
    An e-zine (electronic magazine) is a magazine in the form of an email. Instead of a paper magazine mailed to your home, the e-zine is a type of electronic message sent to your email address.

    The CCS e-zine is published and sent out approximately once a month, although that can vary quite a bit. Subscriptions to the ezine are completely free!

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