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Zoo York Skateboards

Back in 1993, New York City skateboarders Rodney Smith, Eli Gessner, and Adam Schatz got together to form the East Coast based skateboard company Zoo York. During the 1980's, the term Zoo York was synonymous with New York City's underground scene of skaters, punks, b-boys, and other such artists. The brand's style was derived from channeling NYC's skateboarding, hip-hop, and graffiti scenes. This theme can be seen in all of their graphics which feature graffiti tag style fonts and cityscape graphics on skate decks and t-shirts. Zoo York has had some of the top pros throughout the years on their roster, and currently Brandon Westgate and Chaz Ortiz are two of the hottest pros out there holding it down for the brand. After almost twenty years in the skate game, they've gone worldwide and stay true to their East Coast roots. CCS proudly carries a large selection of Zoo York skateboards and clothing products.
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