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Top Tips For Getting A New Snowboard

In an industry of forward thinkers and an age of innovation, the sport of snowboarding is flooded with brands competing for your attention. From patented technologies to bold graphics and designs, it’s hard to know whether you’re getting the board that’ll reflect your riding style and personality.

A solid starting point is as simple as knowing your weight and foot size. This helps determine which dimensions will fit. Check out our sizing charts to help find the fit for you. Next ask how and where you intend to ride.

Ask whether you’re interested in speed, technicality or both. If your dreams are filled with propelling down a fresh coat of powder, start with a longer board that’s stiff. However, if you’re a jibber who’s looking to perfect park skills, then scope out a shorter, softer board.

Check out our sizing chart for additional help.

5 and smaller less than 100 100-135 cm. < 24 cm.
5 and smaller 100-130 130-145 cm. < 24 cm.
5.5-9 less than 100 130-140 cm. 24-25 cm.
5.5-9 100-130 140-150 cm. 24-25 cm.
5.5-9 130-160 145-155 cm. 24-25 cm.
5.5-9 more than 160 150-160 cm. 24-25 cm.
9.5-14 130-160 145-155 cm. > 25 cm.
9.5-14 more than 160 150-160 cm. > 25 cm.

The Breakdown
  1. How much do you weigh?
  2. What’s your foot size?
  3. What style of riding?
The Details

Answer those questions and you’re ready for the next step. If you gravitate towards a more technical style of boarding you’ll need more information.

As a freestyle or park rider, choose a flexible board that houses a true twin or directional twin shape with heavy-duty edges. This will make it easier to pivot in multiple directions without losing the ability to grind rails and hit 40-foot kickers.

However, this construction is not ideal for carving down hills. If you start going too fast, your board will get squirrely and you’ll probably end up face down in the snow. Prevent a yard sale by factoring in camber, aka the bend of the board.

For successful park riding, look for a board that’s built with a reverse or rocker chamber. This means the board curves upward from the center point. Featuring a subtle concave bend, a reverse camber actually mimics the build of a skateboard and works best for a demanding, skill-heavy riding style.

The Breakdown
  1. Shape
  2. Camber
Hit The Hill, Shred With Confidence

With confidence built from proper sessions on the hill, you can escape to the land only diehards know about. Over time you’ll develop a personal preference, but until then be open to new ideas and try out different gear. With brands like Ride, Lib Tech, Burton, Capita and a dose of knowledge, you’re ready to get out there and rip it up this season.

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