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Build It, Shred It!

Regardless of your skating ability or style, CCS is the definitive place for the best skateboard decks around. With more than 200 in stock, take your pick from some of the sickest decks available! Alien Workshop, Baker, Deathwish, Element, Enjoi, Girl, Plan B, and Real are among the most popular offered. Additionally, notable brands such as Almost, DGK, Flip, Krooked, Mystery, Skate Mental, Zero, and Zoo York are available for all your skating needs.

Customize Your Deck Set-Up

Sizing plays an important role in the performance of any deck. A large majority range in size from 7.75" to 8.5" in width. These will provide a great platform for shredding any obstacle and will excel in street and skatepark environments alike. For those who prefer a smaller board, decks are offered down to 7.5" in width- benefiting people with smaller feet or the technical skater. Conversely, those looking for a wider board will enjoy our selection ranging up to 8.9" wide. Larger decks will accommodate those with very large feet, as well as offer an amazing experience for cruising and shredding large ramps and transitions. Check out our easy sizing chart for the best fit.

Skate Decks, Trucks, Wheels & Parts
7.25" 4.75 (7.5") 48mm-52mm
7.50" 4.75 (7.5") 48mm-54mm
7.63" 4.75 (7.5") or 5.0 (7.75") 50mm-54mm
7.75" 5.0 (7.75") 52mm-56mm
7.88" 5.0 (7.75") or 5.25 (8.0") 52mm-56mm
8.00" 5.25 (8.0") 52mm-58mm
8.25" 5.25 (8.0") 54mm-60mm
8.5" 169mm Independent (9") 56mm-60mm
9.00" 169mm Independent (9") 56mm-60mm

DECK WIDTH - Most common/popular deck size is 7.75". When ordering a deck measuring 8.5" or larger an Independent 169mm truck should be used.

HARDWARE - A 1" set of hardware will fit up to a 1/8" riser. Use a 1 and 1/8" set of hardware for additional space/thread on bolt.

RISERS - Risers are optional, however we recommend the use of a 1/8" set of risers for wheels sizes 54-60mm for proper clearance between the deck and the wheel when turning. (a.k.a. wheel bite!)

*these are general recommendations, sizing and set ups differ to personal preference.

Choose Your Construction

In this modern era, manufacturers are incorporating hi-tech processes and top-shelf materials into the construction of the skateboard. Companies such as Almost have several versions of hi-tech decks such as the Impact, Double Impact, and Uber Light Series. Element makes Highlight decks with inlayed fiberglass beams, and Foundation has its signature Fiberprime decks. Other manufactures such as Flip, Habitat, Plan B, Skate Mental, and Zero offer boards with high-end P2 Construction. Hi-tech decks differ from traditional 7-ply Maple in that they are inlayed with Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Poly Ply, or Kevlar to produce a stronger skateboard with more pop. For more options, head over to our stellar selection of Hi-Tech Decks!

Although hi-tech decks have made a strong presence within the market, standard 7-ply Maple remain the gold standard. This is due to the solid feeling and pop afforded through layering 7 Maple wood veneers together. The large majority of skateboard decks offered are constructed of 7-ply Maple. Most board manufacturers offer both high-tech decks and standard 7-ply Maple. No matter what you desire, CCS offers a complete selection in multiple sizes, shapes, and construction types!

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