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Let's talk credentials. Mark Gonzales is a professional skateboarder and artist. He is considered a pioneer in the world of skate and was named “Most Influential Skateboarder of all Time” in the Transworld Skateboarding magazine's December 2011 issue. And by the way, he's the founder of Blind Skateboards; and that doesn't even scratch the surface of Gonzales' accomplishments.

Gonzales, or “The Gonz” as he's often referred to, began Blind Skateboards in 1989, and by the early '90s, the company grew into one of the largest, most recognizable skateboard brands in the world. Specializing in completes, decks, wheels, softgoods, and accessories, Blind continues to be a worldwide-respected brand to this day.

With former riders like Gonzales, Guy Mariano, Jason Lee, and Henry Sanchez, as well as present riders like Kevin Romar, Ronnie Creager, and Morgan Smith, the brand certainly has a long list of professional credibility and insight behind it.

Blind Skateboard designs have no limits. They're fun, flashy, and downright hilarious. If you're thinking it's time to make a change in boards, check out the CCS selection of Blind decks. You won't be disappointed!

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