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In 1990, Chris Carter and Mike Hill decided to pack up and leave California, the birthplace of skateboarding, and move to Dayton, Ohio where they formed Alien Workshop Skateboards. By intentionally isolating themselves from the mainstream skate world Carter and Hill enabled themselves to make Alien Workshop Skateboards a unique brand. They brought an original look and feel to everything thing they made, from their skateboard graphics to their skate videos. Alien Workshop has always had an incredible team, from Rob Dyrdek and Jason Dill as their long-term mainstays, to the newer generation of rippers like Jake Johnson and Grant Taylor. The iconic Alien Workshop logo, which is displayed on their skateboard decks and clothing, has come to symbolize an individualistic brand, in an individualistic culture. Alien Workshop operates under DNA Distribution, along with Habitat Skateboards and Reflex Bearings. CCS proudly carries all Alien Workshop skateboard products.

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