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In 1992, a young skateboarder by the name of Jamie Thomas left the suburbs of Alabama, for the city streets of San Francisco, with little money to his name and big dreams of achieving a professional skateboarding career. When those dreams came to fruition, Thomas decided to start a little t-shirt company which he named Zero. The brand took off, and Thomas eventually decided to make skateboards, as well as t-shirts. They quickly found success, and have become one of the most respected brands in the skateboard world with its simple aesthetic and rock and roll vibe. Along with Thomas, the Zero skate team consists of Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval, Garrett Hill, John Rattray, Tony Cervantes, Ben Hatchell, and a few other modern day rippers. The logo, a skull with “ZERO” written across the forehead, has become an iconic skateboarding symbol, and can be seen on all of their products, from skate decks to hoodies, t-shirts, and beanies. CCS proudly carries a large selection of Zero skateboard products.

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