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Thrashing Through The Decades

After nearly three decades of trial and error and infinite prototype boards, skateboarding achieved legendary status. From the times of 2x4s sitting on roller skates to slalom and freestyle competitions dominated by Southern California's infamous Zephyr team, the lifestyle formally coined as sidewalk-surfing achieved its place in anti-establishment subculture.

If you're old enough to portal back to the age of ultra-wide decks with short noses and side rails, you're bound to remember the day skateboarding's Bible landed in your local book shop.

In June of '81, with a dollar in hand, rebellious youth held the power to own a piece of skateboarding history. Since its early conception, Thrasher has remained true to the purity of core riding through the filter of co-founders Eric Swenson and Fausto Vitello as well as their infamous, brash and foul-mouthed editor, Jake Phelps.

As a San Francisco native and natural anarchist, Jake did more than skate ? he dedicated his existence to California street culture. Since the early '90s, Jake led skateboarding's lost-boys through mainstream's obstacles by never losing sight of what they originally stood for.

He never got married, never had kids and at the age of, well, who cares how old he is, still has to tell his elderly father, "Yes, I still skate." But, what's wrong with that? At least he's got no regrets.

As the game changed from building ramps in your back yard to going big in the MTV era, Thrasher found it crucial to rep the history of skateboarding while adapting to a new, younger and much faster consumer.

The new millennium opened the doors for out-of-this-world style and extreme creativity. During the mid-00s no one portrayed this new-age style better than the man, Danny Way. On a toasty day in 2005, Danny challenged himself and the rest of humanity by being the first person to successfully jump the Great Wall of China, and you can only imagine his good pal Jake Phelps was there to give him props.

This epic style of riding brought the MegaRamp into mainstream competitions, and like generations past, has helped to evolve skateboarding culture.

Fast-forward to today, and Thrasher continues to hold its reign as skateboarding royalty. Not only have they evolved into the digital world, they've continued to hold to their charismatic core. Although Swenson is no longer a part of the game plan, his right hand man and mouthpiece of the mag, Jake Phelps, continues to charge on the only way he knows how—by giving everything he has to the culture he loves.

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