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Portal back to the early 2000s to relive a time when the streets were scattered with simple silhouettes and neutral color pallets. During that time, one brand rose among the rest. What started as a sister brand in relation to KR3W Denim, Supra quickly filled a void in skate footwear. With futuristic design concepts and quality upper makeups, Supra founder, Angel Cabada set his sights on genuine authenticity and quality relationships.

It all started over two decades ago when Angel decided to apply some major changes to his lifestyle. First, he dropped his normal, part-time job and assessed where his life passions lay. This led him to team up with a buddy and create the clothing brand TSA. This partnership stuck around for nearly a decade until tensions grew, and TSA collapsed.

Some may view this as failure; however, Angel saw this as an opportunity to prosper. In 2005, with KR3W already under his belt, Cabada set out to create a footwear brand that complimented KR3W's clothing while adding some flavor to the modest skate shoe industry.

Angel possessed something that many in the business didn't, a passion for success. Not only was he a tastemaker with his own personal branded style, Angel strived to spread his love of music, skateboarding, art and Southern California street culture to the masses. With a strong concept, all the brand was missing was a name and a handful of influential pros. From this came Supra, which is Latin for "above and beyond," and a team of powerful influencers.


With a roster of top pros, Supra gained the credibility required to outfit core skateboarders the world over. Angel didn't want just any team to rep his brand. He wanted a team of riders who epitomized his goals and life passions. That's how the initial team of Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Chad Muska, Tom Penny and CCS team rider Lizard King came to be. From there on rising stars from Stevie Williams to Terry Kennedy, Antwuan Dixon to Keelan Dadd and Spencer Hamilton also jumped in to help out and rep Supras.

With a team compiled of diverse cultures, Cabada had the power to take over the industry. He never believed in paying for product placement, meaning all these pros made the conscious decision to become part of the Supra family, which now falls under the One Distribution umbrella.


From their out-of-this-world, high-top Skytops to the ultra-classic, low-top Stacks, we've got a crop of Supra silhouettes to outfit your skate style. Whether you intend to skate them or save them for a special occasion, there's a silhouette that holds the potential to stand up to the wear-and-tear of your active lifestyle. Plus, make sure to grab a sweatshirt or tee to hook up to your new kicks for mad brand representation.

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